Auto repair shops recruitment, posted higher wages 7000-12000, the wages are so high?

believe a Car friends Car repair shop more familiar with it, in everyday life if you are a study of Automotive veteran, I believe the Car Is a problem, small problems can solve their own, but now live constantly improve the level of every household to buy a new Car, of course, many of which are considered a novice, Car appeared little problems, often helpless, so it Will often go to Car maintenance, please repair the master to troubleshoot, so now Car repair master general wage Is how much?

recently saw a Car on the roadside repair shop in recruitment, straight strokes Car repair master 3, a number of apprentices, but also directly posted wage 7000-12000 the high wages, the wage really Is not small, and now the plant Will pay off overtime a month on average over 4000, there may be higher, but that Is just a few or Is it out of the heap by the high overtime , and casual went to a Car repair shop, you can see more than 7,000 yuan wage jobs, it seems like Car repair work Is still very profitable.

after reading the job information, directly to the boss, I was boss chat up the boss said Car repair master, then wages can indeed reach 7000 above , but still need to see work experience and technology, of course, if what the Car can repair the fault, then wages Will be higher, but in general thIs master Will not come to apply, but to go it alone or find a partner.


asked the boss, apprentice or no education, no work experience generally give much money, the boss replied: general junior high school education apprentice, then a month 2000, higher education Will be correspondingly higher than some. To become a master apprentice general, then, about to go through four years of study and work experience, can really do anything alive can take, but for a raIse, are watching apprenticeship, individual learning ability and experience accumulated.


boss I was told, and now the Automotive repair industry Is not doing too good, drive a Car more, but the private sector to open a lot of Auto repair shops thIs would take some of them contacts and a good reputation, there are a lot of apprentices learnAfter coming on their own shop, but it opened a few years off, but also want to start contacts and need the backing of a solid economy.

Conclusion: Knowing Is not difficult to see that there Is a certain expertIse, where wages are worry about, perhaps before the first labor Is the main, but with the constant improvement of living and technology, technical class jobs for workers are also increasingly demanding, but also fully reflects the recruitment difficulties from the side of the plate, but have the ability to hire skilled workers more difficult.

not to know what Is your opinion on the matter?

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