Auto Repair shop the whole process of reception points SA

business reception work may seem simple, but to Carefully Carry out every aspect Is not easy, and often a small negligence may cause a decline in the customer experience. The door to a return vIsit from the customer, every aspect of the hospitality business has its own unique elements, yin Automotive after-market Car today and everyone Will work together to talk business reception the whole process points.

business reception the whole process including a total business reception, business consulting and technical diagnostics, maintenance, evaluation, commitment to quality, handling pick-up procedures, additional maintenance item processing, business monitoring progress, procedures for handling customer to mention Cars and customer vIsits and nine extension services sectors, let’s introduce one by one point for each link.

A. Business reception staff to be polite, active warm, clean clothing, deportment generous.

B. Door Car pulled into the store to see the customer should immediately got up, put on work tools (pen and then repair single) went to the cabin door vehicle customers to customers to pay tribute: smile, nod, say hello to customers, welcomed (such as: “Welcome”), while briefly introduce myself.

C. When the vehicle Is not parked at the prescribed client stores reception spaces, courtesy should guide customers to the Car park in place.

D. Short and ask the customer what he wanted: a simple case of consulting on the spot reply reply on the spot, and then politely send customers to go out and pay tribute. If you need the vehicle diagnosIs, quote or into the store maintenance, at the invitation of the customer to complete together to drive test, as it comes to diagnosIs, want the technician to complete the appropriate diagnosIs in front of customers and inform the problem and the solution then lead to customer lounge. When the customer waiting, should take the initiative tea, and motioned “Please wait.”

E. After the customer to confirm the vehicle detection conclusion should fill out the field maintenance of a single or a single appointment (specify customer special requirements for maintenance and repair time content), as required for the relevant procedures. Maintenance of customer appointments, parting, should politely remind customers remember to make an appointment.

F. In the case of new customers, the store should take the initiative to introduce the basic situation and the main content of services provided to its simplicity.

A. Business reception personnel should lIsten Carefully attentively to customer requirements, and in a professional manner and throughVulgar language to answer customer questions.

B. In the customer vehicle technical diagnostic process, if you encounter difficult obstacles, should immediately let the store quickly to assIst senior technicians.

C. After the completion of technical diagnostics, detection and diagnosIs should be immediately submitted to a single customer, and the customer service Is recommended to tell.

D. Content maintenance, charging price, delivery time and other specific matters agreed with the customer, the customer to determine whether the other requirements, and the contents itemized record. At the same time it should be clear maintenance accessories are provided by the stores, or provided by the customer; with positive factory parts, deputy plant parts or use. When a customer since the purchase accessories or require the use of deputy factory parts, service reception staff should clearly inform the restaurant does not warrant its quality, but also the record. Finally, ask the customer to look over the contents of the relevant information, and shall sign it.

A. When determining the price and customer service, generally use the “system of valuation method”, ie maintenance fees in accordance with system troubleshooting involved.

B. For the moment it Is difficult to identify the cause of the malfunction can also be a “phenomenon valuation method”, that Is, the failure phenomenon maintenance fees in accordance with the goal ruled out. However, thIs method of valuation Is too rIsky and should be Carefully engaged.

C. For maintenance of high-tech content, the market price of the respective service content, service or customer specified content, you can use the “item pricing” that determine fees according to the actual content and the maintenance workload.

A. In the course of business negotiations, to the clients described in detail the provIsions of repair shop quality, and customers about the store’s commitment to ensure the quality of concrete.

B. When the promIse to leave some room for special consideration for Auto parts supply, an important factor in the maintenance of technical difficulty and other force majeure impact on maintenance time, etc., we can not lose the trust users have the mentality and behavior.

A. After signing customers agree to repair, business reception staff and customers should apply as soon as possible pick-up procedures, namely acceptance of customer’s vehicle keys at the same time to protect customers Interior: Steering wheel / seat / mat three-piece suit.

B. When receiving the vehicle to be repaired, then deal with the vehicle exterior, interior, surface, instrumentation, seats, etc.Site to make a comprehensive vIsual inspection to confirm whether the abnormal. If unusual circumstances, should be documented, and ask the customer for confirmation.

D. Treat repair vehicle Car keys to be regIstered, numbered and put the Car keys cabinet unified regulations.

E. Table oil treatment to repair the vehicle, odometer indicated on the number to be recorded, and ask the customer for confirmation.

F. When customers vehicle repair, should have the driving function, fully equipped.

A. Business SA after receiving additional information about the repair shop maintenance projects, business reception staff should immediately telephone contact with customers to seek other maintenance items to increase views. At the same time, the cost of the customer should be informed by the duration of the delay caused by items and the additional requirements.

B. After customers get a clear answer, business reception staff should immediately convey the repair shop.

C. If the customer does not agree to the additional maintenance projects, business reception staff can verbally informed the workshop and record the time of notification and workshop callee; such as customer agreed to additional maintenance projects, should immediately Issue an additional repair “work order”, setting out the additional maintenance projects and the specific content requirements, to pay maintenance shop supervIsor, and pay a single time detailed records.

D. The description of additional projects, from the technical make interpretation; special emphasIs on hIs interest when the matter of security Issues. To calmly deal with customer complaints, not force the customer, the customer’s choice should be respected.

A. Business according to the business requirements of the polling schedule completion of maintenance tasks to the repair shop, repair shop should truthfully report.

B. In the course of business in progress, if an exception occurs, the business sector should take measures immediately.

C. For longer maintenance period operations, staff, business units should be regularly informed of the customer business progress.

A. After the completion of maintenance tasks, repair shop shall promptly notify the business department.

B. SA business customers to do all the preparatory work to mention Cars: production of the vehicle repair workshop after final acceptance, the salesman to make one last clean-up of the vehicle, such as washing vehicles, to see whether the normal appearance of the vehicle, hand tools and inventory items and putInto the Car, checked the vehicle keys and so on. Settlement should place the Car all maintenance documents summary accounting (previous to collect all the documents related to the maintenance workshop and parts department).

C. Inform customers mention Cars: the preparations were made, shall promptly notify the customer by telephone to come to mention Cars. If you can not schedule delivery of the vehicle, to explain reasons for the delay and apologized for customer understanding,

D. Customers to mention the Car, the customer should be brief maintenance vehicles, indicate or lead customers through settlement procedures.

E. Business Settlement: when customers come to the checkout counter, the settlement should take the initiative to say hello politely with customers, clients and schematic seated in front of the stage settlement, and quickly come up with settlement documents submitted to customers. When a customer agreed through settlement procedures, should quickly go through; when customers ask for a dIscount or make other requirements, the settlement should inform the competent timely manner.

F. Vehicle inspection: business settlement Is completed, the settlement should be Issued immediately Car “factory notice”, together with Car repair bill, statements, legal documents and Car keys, etc. together with the hands of customers, then business people to lead the customer to the parking lot attendant to make tools and items of inventory and appearance inspection. If the customer no objection, then ask the customer to sign acceptance. If the customer challenge, the business sector should be identified immediately, in time.

A. Business customers to regularly follow up call and make a return vIsit of records and statIstics. The first telephone interviews of time Is generally selected in the client factory vehicles a week.

B. Telephone interviews of time should be short, concIse content to be clear, the customer’s question or request must be made clear answer. If you can not answer on the spot, you must be a deadline for a reply.

C. Be sure to vIsit clients at

Customer voluntary and under the premIse of convenience.

D. In the repair warranty period, a result of repair damage and failure in advance, the business sector and the service sector should give priority to its repair.

E. If the dIspute in terms of service quality, the business sector should be the spirit of “seeking truth from facts, first in the outer (that Is, first look within reason, and then find out the reasons from the outside)” principle, actively and properly addressed.

Although the fast repair shopReception aspects of business processes Will have their own set of programs, but in the final analysIs: customers are increasingly sophIsticated, more and more critical, how good customer service to each and every shop, so that customers have a good experience, Will fall forcing the store a more complete service processes, improve customer satIsfaction. Therefore, in the implementation process continuously improve their own requirements, to meet customer demand, adhere to the service as the goal, it Is the focus of the store business reception.

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