Auto repair shop repaired in a few days, what Issues should pay attention to?

can not complete a Car the same day, usually three cases: accident, overhaul, incurable dIseases or failure to appear only in the morning. If these three cases, then the day can not know in advance that service Is completed, it must be put on the Car repair shop a few days. So try to choose 4S shops, or familiar, regular maintenance plant management, in order to avoid the Car suffered other losses.

on the Car repair workshop, a bad situation that may be encountered are: 1 Is the name of the service technician to test the open out personal affairs, open It may not be a regard. 2. a Car parts to be replaced, usually the part can use, good times and bad, or replaced after that time Is not easy to find parts. 3. gasoline stolen. 4. The paint was scraped.

The need for dIsmantling the Car accident, the expansion of the accident loss, for more exchange of parts, accessories or the bad thing though, but also with , do not give you a direct replacement, new parts myself. 6. The Car lost items, are likely to lose to eat with. Small things chewing gum, lighters, tobacco and alcohol are common Fortunately, with a focus valuables. Lost basically impossible to get it back, repair shops Will not admit it, because you have no evidence that the Car had these items in thIs loss.

Of course, these four purely personal behavior, the normal operation of the plant maintenance Is not, after all, unscrupulous few. So we are going to manage regular maintenance plant. So in order to prevent their own encounter these things, to minimize the rIsk, how to do?

took out the phone, the whole Car to take pictures. The first Is the whole Car paint, especially around the bar and four Siemens, including tires and headlights must beat; followed by the dashboard, the mileage and fuel have shot clear; take the time to be able to take away valuable all items away, 4S shop generally Stuff bag. To mention the Car, around the Car to turn around, checking the paint, then look at mileage and fuel gauge, no problem, and finally asked to see a change down all the old parts, especially not often change pieces, to make sure that really give you a replacement, no problem and then drove off.

Of course, if you go very familiar with repair shops, their management processes, personnel quality are good, also know, that’s not so Careful examination, just to find a familiar service advIsor, everything Is okay. So usually go to maintenance, it Is best to find a fixed service consultant, a good relationship, to the pit and Will not be very far off.

have your Car repair shop on the night yet? Give your opinion.