Auto repair shop met a beautiful “high cool” sIster friends my food

Recently, a netizen in a Car repair shop to take a video! A beauty boss personally shot the Car to film, like thIs looks very high cold! To friends laugh: one side while watching the film but also beautiful boss, really enjoy! Body film Is effective to achieve the purpose of protecting the original paint, decorate the body, it can always be easily strippable. First high-performance Car body film Is low vIscosity polyvinyl chloride film for Automotive body film designed with sufficient bonding properties of body paint and interior surfaces of various substrates, with more ease of construction, flexibility, durability , chemical resIstance, opacity, and many more advantages. Can effectively ensure the accurate construction process of twIsts and turns to face the body surface, no cracks, no bubbles paste the cover, it Will not cause damage to the paint, on the contrary, Will fully protect the original paint of the vehicle.

Car repair shop met a beautiful “high cool” sIster friends my food

Xiao Bian feel the beauty of the film technician proficiency has reached the pinnacle. Film technicians Is the most critical factor, plays a decIsive role in the construction process, and only under the premIse of good technology to ensure construction quality, the shortest construction time. Construction work process. General work process to do more Careful to spend time. For example, if dIsmantled body film, whether the entire coating, whether to do with color, pattern, etc. Is there a garland additional effect, process complexity increases work time.

The following Is a Comment:

ThIs beauty technician splits, really standard! Have eyes can see it Is staged!

either false or else if the temporary help work all day wearing these shoes should be worn a dress!

normal construction 2 groups of two days can make the perfect Car!