Auto repair shop and original accessories Is that true? After insiders explained that the owners: the heart Is cold

Auto repair shop and original accessories Is that true? After insiders explained that the owners: the heart Is cold

the arrival of the new year, many owners are also considering to install or change your Car some configuration, so it would be more comfortable with, but at the time of replacement, I believe that many owners have heard thIs statement genuine parts, many drivers do not understand, Is the manufacturer’s original parts original accessory? Although we do not know the truth of these accessories, but what Is certain Is that they are more expensive than the average number of parts in order to avoid that he Is not for everyone to talk about the pit, the following original accessories are not true.

Now a lot of people to pursue scientific and technological sense, the new Car Is so large screen LCD screen, before people see someone in control of the Car has big screen he would also like to install one, to the 4S shop after spending several thousand installed, when someone asks how expensive, the owner also confidently tell others, thIs Is my original, the outside can not buy. In fact, the original Is a large screen in the control pit, if you buy a low dIstribution, want to install a big screen in the control, 4S shop Will recommend more than price, the most expensive Is the original, in fact, thIs kind of something no argument original, but also the manufacturers bought from outside, I heard insiders say, the owner of the heart Is cold.

low with owners buy another thinking leather seats, so that looks more upscale, but want to change the original leather seats have fifty-six Qian, in fact, thIs Is nothing but manufacturers say, there Is no original leather seats. Now the Car has a high with reversing radar and navigation, coupled with low did not want to install these configurations nor original, these are custom manufacturers on the outside, that Is, which Is not on their own produce the fundamental original argument does not exIst.

Many people may feel a little doubt, then the original parts in the end, what does? Generally mainly divided into seven categories, engine, steering parts, transverse members, security configuration, Automobile chassIs configuration, configuration Automotive electronics, Automotive transmIssion configuration. The main manufacturers are making Cars, the only parts of these Cars Will have the original, which Is their own produce its own installation, andMany configuration Is not made out on their own, it was bought from the outside, there Is the original argument does not exIst.

so enchant everyone in the configuration, do not be tricked by these so-called original, obviously are the same thing, but because of the additional the original label, the price Is several times more expensive, and if you believe thIs, then you must have been a pit, on the Issue of Auto parts factory, I believe we all understand, I hope everyone in the Car repair Car, they do not submit again to the pit.