Auto repair method of circuit failure

1. The common fault circuit

common fault Car there Is an open circuit (open circuit), a short circuit, grounding and the like.

1) Is generally broken by the breaking wire, loose or bad peer reasons caused by wire connection. Cause

2) Short Short are: damaged wire insulation, contact with each other and cause a short circuit switches, junction boxes, wiring endures socket screw loose, causing thread collide; wiring when accidentally, so that the two thread collide; head against the metal wire portion.

3) Cause of Ground Ground: FireWire directly collide with the metal body.

2. Maintenance idea circuit

before the vehicle electrical system during maintenance must be familiar with the instruction manual, to identify the circuit, to understand the structure and use the right tools in order to have a multiplier effect.

the Car circuit fails, the symptoms usually first find out the fault and the accompanying phenomenon occurs, identifying the local circuit fault Is located, then the local circuit inspection, investigation Ming parts of the fault, be excluded.

normal Automobile circuit, must be:

1) an ignition spark timing circuit Is capable of generating sufficient energy.

2) the charging power supply circuit Is stable, and can meet the needs of electrical equipment in various states.

3) starting the starter strong, complete separation.

4) equipped lighting and signaling systems, good performance.

5) the whole Car lines clean, reliable fixed connection; otherwIse, the circuit should be considered more or less occurred failure.

cause circuit failure are diverse, such as component aging, wear and tear, improper adjustment, environmental corrosion, mechanical friction, short circuit or wire breaking and the like. When the circuit failure, should be good at using the method of analysIs, the scope of the first occurrence of a failurePreliminary diagnosIs. Remember blind removal in the case of unknown, or without thinking and analysIs of the situation, then shot in the dark chaos. ThIs Will not only delay the repair, but also cause unnecessary damage. To be good signs and abnormal pre-fault fault feature, combined vehicle circuit analysIs, fault diagnosIs Is reduced to the extent possible within a smaller range.

When troubleshooting, fault should be based on the range, check the high failure rate of components and easy to check and inspection easy and low failure check means. Only when a member has been diagnosed fault, repair must be opened before dIsassembly. Try not to dIsmantle or less demolIshed parts to reduce unnecessary trouble. Also when troubleshooting using the correct method of examination and testing methods to improve the speed troubleshooting, to avoid accidental loss.

circuit fails, the circuit generally first vehicle inspection and testing, which determines a failure occurs on the member, then the external and internal parameters of performance fault test site or examination to find out the point of failure, be excluded. While troubleshooting, and also noted that the relevant circuit components and maintenance, so as to restore a better state.

When the electrical equipment damaged beyond repair, it should be replaced, the replacement member when the original component specifications, model consIstency. Should be consIstent with the replacement of the wire diameter and the original color of the wire, when the wire Is replaced with other colors, are dIstinguIshed from the adjacent wire should facilitate future maintenance.