Auto Repair knowledge | About automobile air-conditioning, you have to know some of the secrets!

Whenever summer comes, can always hear the sentence: “My life Is conditioned to the” as a Northeast, air conditioning thIs thing has always been an afterthought, but since coming to New York, air conditioning has become a necessity for me, to blow air conditioning at home, go out driving need air conditioning, just recently hIs Car air conditioning Is broken , learned a lot of knowledge of air conditioning, air conditioning to take thIs opportunity to share some of the knowledge you need to master with you.

First of all I have to talk with you about the air conditioning inside and outside the loop, in the end what Is inside and outside the air-conditioning cycle?

What Is the inner loop?

by the air circulating inside the vehicle Is actually circulate , the dirty gas to prevent outside air into the Car along with the fresh. When open the inner loop, cooling the vehicle (heating) function Will become faster, the only drawback Is not conducive to Car air circulation, not recommended for long-term use.

What Is the outer loop?

it Is actually a so-called outer loop air exchange inside and outside the Car, the air blown out of the Car, and then sucked into the fresh air outside the Car, play purpose of the air flow. General new Car or when traveling long recommended to open outside the loop.

finIshed inside and outside the loop, I’ll talk about some of the correct way to use on the air with you:

first, the Car after exposure, when just entering the Car, you should open the window ventilation, and open the outer loop, the hot air are dIscharged. After the temperature inside other drops, and then into the circulation.

Second, the Automotive air-conditioning during use, to close windows, if you turn off the strict, Will affect the air conditioning cooling (heating) functions, but also more cost oil.

Third, try to avoid prolonged air conditioning, refrigeration systems which Will result in loss. Some small Cars after a long open air Will have water boiling phenomenon, so each time use of air conditioning should not be too long, if the inside temperature has reached a comfortable temperature, you can turn off the air conditioning, separated for a while to open.

Fourth, to avoid an air-conditioned Car to rest, due to the sealed Car, the cabin air permeability difference, at thIs time if the idle open air rest or sleep likely be caused by CO gas leakage into the interior of the engine exhaust poIsoning, and even death.

Fifth, try not to use air conditioning at low speeds, especially in heavy traffic road to avoid using air conditioning, because to do so for the life of the engine and the air conditioning compressor have adverse effects.

VI avoid close the air after the flame, thIs Is harmful to the engine, so that when the vehicle because the next start, the engine Will start with the air-conditioning load, Will cause engine damage.

said so much, in fact, Is to let everyone have great importance for Automotive air conditioning, air conditioning and Cars, require routine maintenance, do not wait until the air conditioning ineffective when he come to clean air, it was too late.

for the protection of air conditioning, to do the air filter changed regularly, especially New York spring dust more catkins every now and then, these Will stick in the filter, easy to grow bacteria that produce musty air conditioning, thus replaced once after the best year in the spring. Further, the condenser should be regularly cleaned, and want to be removed to clean the tank. We suggest that you turn off a few minutes before reaching the destination air-conditioning, open the natural wind, the temperature rIse inside the air conditioning ducts, eliminating the temperature difference with the outside world, so as to maintain relatively dry air-conditioning system to avoid fungal reproduction.