Auto parts repair shop to repair the owner said: “I am using, I do not shy away”!

I heard about the rIsk of buying a Car, but there may be hidden “greasy cat.”

ThIs occurs in Changsha Wong body.

hIs Car was sent to the repair shop for repair.

It was agreed to use the original member, but not the case.

Mr Wong told the girl said, in hIs Car, network, bumper, condensers, fans are accessories, rather than ordinary factory accessories.

From the beginning of October, Mr Wong walked into a Car repair shop, the replacement of some parts.

Then, in November, Mr Wong sent the Car 4S shop, where staff found the problem, that the Car parts Is very rough, unlike ordinary manufacturer of accessories.

In addition, in just one month, the new parts to replace the badly rusted.

4S shop staff said that Mr Wong’s Car fan and motor do not match.

If it Is serious, it Will break the water tank, and even lead to engine failure.

Mr Wong said that the Car was driven by hIs pregnant wife, a large security rIsk, he was very worried. Girl found in October, a record twenty or thirty Wong vehicle maintenance spare parts in the insurance claim form. The total price Is 10,900 yuan.

each pay according to the original spare parts prices. Auto repair shop explained that “insurance claims Is very low, and the use of auxiliary parts factory”, which makes Mr. Wong Is difficult to accept. He believes that since he had bought up all the insured, he should buy parts from the factory. He needed a reasonable explanation.

Later, the girl took Mr. Huang to “have a deft hand Cars.” Go. SurprIsingly, the person in charge does not shy away from using the deputy plant parts .. although officials said they use “brand components” alsoIs the country’s qualified products, they Will be responsible for the quality, but Mr. Huang Is still unacceptable.

Since the original price of the original price, so it should get the quality of the original parts. Now, within a month on accessories rust, he believes he has a “spoofed.” Mr. Wong, head of compensation for 1500, Mr. Huang seeks compensation for $ 3, once the two sides can not reach an agreement.

Finally, under the coordination of the girls, the person in charge promIsed to reconsider the amount of compensation, to communicate with Mr. Huang again next Monday, Will also learn in the future the transaction, notify the owners in advance spares information. Mr. Huang also complained to the Furong Road market, to protect their interests.

here to help girls also want to remind the majority of owners: before repairing the Car, ask again, to understand the situation, and then make select Reporter Wang Ting, edit, Li Jiayi, edit, Gilbert, director, West righteous new, edit, Xu Gang.