Auto parts factory Is not just for the original repair shop, vice lied so many years, you know?

a lot of time to repair the vehicle owners Will be asked: need original parts or deputy plant parts? In fact, many owners are mainly based on price and modify their own name to determine what parts, without questioning. In fact, there are many parts of the doorway, today to give you one by one classification.

Original member

original pieces can be mainly divided into three, the first 4S shop original pieces, the main dIstribution channels are: official authorized agent processing plants – Automobile manufacturers –4S shop – Auto parts market. From the dIstribution channels of view, thIs vein Is the most orthodox of the most secure parts, Is true. Such accessories typically direct supply to manufacturers 4S shop, 4S stores Will flow outwardly flows into aftermarket. ThIs accessory even outflow, the price Is quite high, but not in the 4S shop assembly would be meaningless without commitment warranty 4S shop original pieces that loses the greatest advantage.

The second positive plant parts, mainly the dIstribution channels are: officially licensed foundries – Auto parts market. ThIs positive compared to the previous one kind of plant parts 4S shop pieces of difference Is that, although parts are factory guaranteed quality but no warranty blessing, but minus the middle of a lot of links, the price a lot cheaper than the 4S shop items. But no Car manufacturer’s LOGO on the package, there Is no anti-counterfeit label and product serial number.

A third member off the assembly line, mainly from 4S shop, are generally quite new and original parts, but there Is no packaging, labeling and so no warranty. General pieces off the assembly line, there are some flaws, but these flaws do not affect the safety and use. Many businesses Will be accessories after the patch Is also positive as plant parts sale.

deputy plant parts

deputy plant parts Is divided into two, the first Is the brand parts. Brand pieces mainly by regular brand manufacturers design and manufacture of accessories. In fact, many regular brand of production compared to original pieces of accessories but also do a better job, but did not provide supporting services to manufacturers so called deputy plant parts, in fact, brand partsIt Is the most cost-effective choice.

The second member Is high imitation, high imitation member generally refers to small workshops manufactured by Auto parts worst present. Generally mimic the original mold production, the use of the worst materials, Is truly three free products. It Is in the Automotive after-market based on the fundamental Is cheap, its price Is 60% lower than the price than original pieces. Because the price Is cheap, high imitation pieces fled in all corners of the Car market.

scrap pieces

scrap pieces Is also divided into two, the first pure dIsmantling, which Is generally pure dIsmantled after the owner needs to replace the modified vehicle original pieces, the replacement parts sold again. Such couplers typically are relatively pure new piecemeal, the former owner Will use only a short time to replace it. Most importantly, quality assurance, 100% of the original manufacturer. The dIsadvantage Is that thIs accessory can be luck, not necessarily in a timely manner when necessary accessories to buy.

The second Is the old scrap parts, with the first difference Is that the old scrap pieces mainly from the Car accident in the removal from the market. Generally from the abnormal vehicle scrap, and Is preferably selected product with a more complete detachable parts, by finIshing after refurbIshment sold again. Old scrap pieces advantage of cheaper prices, but also on dIsmantling old Cars can be considered under the original pieces, the quality Is fairly good. Drawback Is no way to unify the quality control, do not know the damage before a vehicle, and a lot of businesses with high imitation parts to impersonate the old scrap parts, leading to confusion in the market not identify.

written in the last

the owner must also be alert when going out repair, to repair relatively familiar little place, and Will not cheated. Be sure to read the meaning of the repair shop outside, then inside, then when the repair, replacement parts seriously ask the merchant category, it Will easily be shoddy business. Owners understand the composition of the vehicle parts, in their own buy accessories would not blindfolded.