Auto mechanic because of errors in the work, almost caused a car bomb, but fortunately we dIscover!

Car maintenance requirements are very strict, if a little Carelessness Will cause a big accident. As the US Automotive repair industry, in the development stage, the level of Auto mechanic uneven, and some thirteen or fourteen came out to fix it, so small it into the Auto repair industry. Looks promIsing, but there are large potential rIsks.

Some time ago, we came a Land Rover repair shop Aurora. The owners of the reaction, thIs Car has been accelerated boring, let us come to our shop to check. The owners come to us before vehicle maintenance, more likely to trust us. We use Cars diagnostic for the diagnosIs, and she has trouble code, the reaction Is oil. After consultation with the owner, the fuel filter should be removed to see.

Since the fuel pump and the fuel filter as an integral of the Car, but has no void above the pump, it Is necessary to take the entire tank removed, side can be taken out. ThIs pump Is particularly troublesome Car demolition, should remove the propeller shaft, remove the insulation panels, the exhaust pipe Is removed. To let the fuel tank exposed. Pump just sitting on the splitter. After all the removed front of, next to the refueling tube pulled out. Finally dIsmantle the fuel tank mounting screws, two people with the lift down to the tank. Then there Is the oil pump dIsassembly, and in the bottom easier.

Since the light dark, shot Is not particularly clear. But thIs went to great lengths out, showing a good Car design does not generally ah. To many in the end than the other Cars. Now do Is put out the fuel filter, clean or replace. Through Careful observation of the fuel pump, before it was split-off, replaced the pump core. Because the overall replace the fuel pump Is particularly expensive. So some mechanic just to save money, the replacement of a single pump. But change can be replaced, but do not self-defeating.

through Careful analysIs of observation, which two black and yellow lines, particularly wrong, since the pump Cartridge replacing them particularly troublesome. Clearly vIsible on top of the solder, with the next ligation, gasoline reinforcement tube. If you are a professional maintenance staff Will find a big problem. Plug on the pump line clearly marked positive and negative, on a mechanic, hardThe oil pump Is a positive and negative reversed. No wonder people feel the owners Will speed up the weak, the opposite of an oil pump oil pressure Is certainly not up, oil supply shortage, caused by addition of weakness.

ThIs may seem a small problem, but the main plug from the oil pump, the ablation was able to clearly see the traces. ThIs oil pump on the tank, but inside things, the plug has been soaked in the tank. Since the oil pump positive and negative reversed, plug erosion occurs, and thIs Is especially dangerous. In case when the top up, there ablation plug, then the whole tank Will explode, think Is a terrible thing. We see thIs problem decIsively gave the oil pump and filter replaced, in order to avoid other problems.

Finally, here to warn you, if your Car if the oil pump problems arIse, must be Careful to fix it, do not covet money, and harm himself. I also hope that the majority mechanic friend, when the repair should be meticulous, rigorous, professional and responsible treatment of each Car.