Auto 4S shop, maintenance unspoken rules! We have to obediently pay encounter with you out of the pit

Automotive repair and maintenance for the owners Is not new, but the new owners, basically 4S clerk say what to do, they just pay (because do not understand), then there Is where Automotive repair and maintenance common unspoken rules?

exaggerate the failure problems, for flicker “Maintenance style packages.” People’s subconscious tremendous impact on your decIsions, 4S shop maintenance and service personnel familiar with thIs. Obviously just underbody screw loose Issued by abnormal sound, exaggerating problems affecting the system for a life safety, flicker you come to a so-called preferential “maintenance packages” to get the original one hundred ten, the result of a “package” one thousand pieces go , and Auto repair workers have to thank the people to detect problems.

Auto Parts Is a common problem not only for repair. Auto parts 4S shop Is the main source of profits, especially the original parts. Although some fault of Auto parts processing can be used again, thIs service can not only time-consuming and only earn manual fee. Therefore, some maintenance personnel Will directly ask for replacement Auto parts, the more part of the black heart repair shop renovation of some old parts to sell directly to consumers as new profits.

“acquaintance good work”, so almost all consumers think and 4S shop responsible person “accustomed” to avoid being “hidden rules” the best way. However, in the face of Auto 4S shop mechanic, the so-called friendship we Will look pale and weak.

Car accident more repair more problems. Unfortunately, there was a small Car accident after the Car sent to the repair shop, often there Will be some problems. For example: the Car repair more problems, and the number of repaired also become more frequent. In fact, many times thIs Is the result of some manufacturers in bad faith repairs before the Car accident the Car to assess the damage Will take away some of the more new parts to replace, replaced instead of using old parts or defective parts. ThIs Will result in more Car accidents repair more problems.

recommended that owners keep their vehicles, try to stay in mind, more than chat with the master in the garage, while observing replacement parts the whole process. Only enterRoom service can reduce the chance of the pit.