Auto 4S shop maintenance release, but firing a shell, after mediation reporters, friends: Give plenty of money

Cars in our lives can be said to be indIspensable part of the traffic accidents in the offing, but now more recognized for maintenance, or to the 4S shop in the main, not to say that technology Is how 4S shop good, but it may be relatively more professional, like a mobile phone brand, good brand credibility Will be better, of course, as some private repair shop can fix the Car, but most people trust 4S shop higher, and you the Car into the 4S shop maintenance time, think of your Car you Will shell Is fired, shortly before it happened something like thIs one.

a place Henan Cheng, because of some small accident put hIs Car into the 4S shop maintenance, but it had an accident, Cheng said: ” I was in March in addition to store a small accident, the Car hit a bit, onto the 4S shop to repair, in mid-April, when, 4S shop to call me, my Car was burned, I did not understand properly how the Car Will be burned it, then 4S shop said, the store on fire, and then I went to the 4S shop to see, the scene has been closed, when you see the Car, the shell has been fired, ” Cheng’s wife said: “at the time I look to see the Car broke down, sit on the floor and began to cry, then you have not 4S shop to resolve thIs matter.”

Cheng just wanted to repairing a Car, but did not think the Car Is not repaired into a shell, followed by Reporters also went to the 4S shop to understand the situation, after-sales manager, said: “because of our company’s fire accident caused the customer’s Car repair shop when we did not burn.” Cheng’s wife said: “We do not want money as long as their Car, and pushed for a month then said to lose money.” After-sales manager, said: “Mr. Cheng’s Car was in 2010, to the current nine years, assessment Is probably down thirty-one thousand yuan, he sent came in about eleven thousand yuan.”

Cheng wife said: “I’m not selling Cars, I have come to repairing a Car, repair my Car yet able to open seven or eight years, “after-sales manager, said:” our company in accordance with thIs standard to compensate forty thousand dollars but do not agree with Mr. Cheng, “Cheng wife said:” I’m not selling Cars, and forty thousand dollars can buy Gesha Car “, after-sales manager:” The first Is to 120000, the second Is to 80 000 third to sixty thousand, “Cheng wife said:” I was to repair the Car, you put the Car on the trip back to me, I 4S shop maintenance Is to be assured I own to open seven or eight years Is not a problem ah. “

after-sales manager:.” I would not say shift the blame, because it Is our shop responsibility, “Cheng wife immediately at the scene up crying, very sad, after-sales manager handed him a paper towel to after-sales manager, said:.” the Board also think we should think about your clients, but three times to make trouble for our economic losses caused by particularly large, the same day Ms. Cheng scold me, I Will not repeat it here. “from the manager’s words can be learned before Cheng wife and 4S shop clashed, then Reporters have been doing in the middle mediation, after repeated consultations, finally reached a preliminary agreement, Cheng settle for $ 40,000 compensation.

Although there Is no after the final results, but also said that third-party assessment 4S shop price, with a certain spirit Will fill Hope there Is a fair result of it, which users said: forty thousand to plenty of money, and nine years of Car in the secondary market Will be about thirty thousand small series may lower the price of the Car Is not very understand, but can be seen in the after-sales manager Cheng sent hIs wife to move paper towels, 4S shop attitude Is sincere, Cheng and hIs wife in the 4S shop Is a bit too much of a scene, how do you see it?