Auto 4S shop maintenance Is very formal, but the owner Amy still choose roadside auto repair shop 50 bucks!

In the Automotive sector, there Is a saying more and more popular, that Is, “raIsing seven third repair” the importance of Car maintenance for all of us more and more recognition. Since we are basically in the Car 4s shop to buy, quality assurance and other Issues related to the future, so in maintenance when we basically would choose to go to the Car 4s shop, although we know that the maintenance costs more expensive 4s shop.

Auto 4S shop maintenance and repair when used spare parts also Is true, but the same spare parts, and the outside compared to the price much higher. ThIs forced a part of the owners chose to do maintenance on the outside of the Auto repair shop, the owners of modern Yuet Wang Is one such choice. Let’s take a look at the maintenance process of Wang Yue moving Car.

Car maintenance, especially oil change, change Is best when hot Car. Wang drove to the Auto repair shop, after the start on a good price maintenance. The following figure, aftermarket Car master Is to put the oil, the last maintenance have to travel more than six thousand kilometers now, oil Is quite dark.

The figure Is Wang buy their own oil filters, twenty or thirty dollars, the quality can also be looked at. Mounting the oil filter to remember the oil applied on the gasket circle.

The following Is a replaceable air filter, in general, the air filter replaced once every two maintenance, and oil filter change Is necessary every time.

less than ten minutes, aftermarket good master to replace the oil filter and air filter, then add the oil Is a taxi. However, the Car was found stepping on the accelerator ring true, check the throttle, found particularly dirty, recommended that owners clean. The owner agreed. The following figure, Auto repair master Is cleaning the throttle.

ThIs model Is a good cleaning of the throttle, the throttle cable while Carrying the left hand, right hand with a spray throttle cloth to clean the cleaning agent, less than five minutes, please wash a.

Finally, aftermarket boss Wang received a total of fifty dollars, Wang was very satIsfied. If the maintenance of the 4S shop, working hours and the cost of cleaning maintenance throttle only, and Is not one hundred Five Is not enough. And Auto repair shop service Is also very good, which Is Why more and more owners choose to maintenance reasons rather than 4S shop outside of the Auto repair shop.

Of course, under the current circumstances, if youCan not find a trusted Auto repair shop, or to the 4S shop more appropriate, we can not lose the greater!