Audi BMW reversing hit, maintenance offer 40,000 yuan, contact them actually “dIsappeared”?

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Recently, people in Hangzhou Mr. Lu told Reporters reflect, he has a BMW 320L Car, purchased in 2014, usually the Car has been parked in the underground garage cells. A few days ago 16:00 more than ready to drive out of time, I found the Car on the right front there have been a lot of damage. ThIs in the end Is how it goes?

Lu Reporter observed after the Car was found, the front bumper It has been completely damaged BMW Car, the radar depressed into the front, right most dIsplacement lights, including also the deformation of the fender, the front has broken traces bellows. see hIs Car in such a situation, Mr. Lu was suddenly hit a gas does not come out, then went to residential property View surveillance video in the underground garage.

can be seen from the surveillance video, the day of the incident more than 14:00, a black Audi Car into the underground garage cell. First, the front inward pull into the parking lot across from Luk and vehicles, after less than a minute, a black Audi Car started reversing. As the screen Is obscured part of the signs, after the details of the unseen, but you can see the time clearly Luk Car shaking a bit. After black Audi Car did not stop, align the body and drive off.

after Mr. Lu told Reporters after the incident he drove to the 4s shop repair the damage, 4s shop offer Is given about 4 million dollars. and after an investigation found the Car he had filed in the residential property, leaving the dIstrict Is an owner’s contact information. But when he called after thIs phone, thIs phone Is not the owner found hIs phone, but the owner of a friend, Is living in the cell phone owner.

Mr. Lu expressed to each other through thIs thing up, and want them to be able to contact the owner himself or herself and to help the owners to negotiate. but only to the other side actually alleging the Audi Car owners though Is hIs friend, but the owners never use the phone, so there Is no contact information.

Subsequently Mr. Lu also put thIs situation to the local police department, the police investigation found the staff to contact the owner of the Car Audi the way. call the police, but more than one phone, the other has been no answer.

Mr. Lu also told Reporters, because the current accident Confirmation has not come out, he did not dare to repair, the Car these days only parked in the underground garage, travel Is very inconvenient.

Reporter subsequently sent the residential property owners, that Is, black Audi friend a call. But the other said Mr. Lu had been reported, he also has thIs thing and the police said, the owners Will come after forty-five days. When a Reporter asked him about whether to help me look at thIs Car Audi Car owners, the owners of Audi’s direct friends said no time, and then I hung up the phone.

on thIs matter, Reporters also came to the local police department to understand the situation. Police said the accident Is under further investigation, temporarily can not be characterized. Luk can find someone to own insurance company to assess the damage, and then communication costs and Audi owners after the Car repaired.

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