Audi and BMW have much difference? Old maintenance man to tell the truth, the owners sit still

before the Automobile market Is far from now so well developed, but not many types of models, we also aim to buy a Car just to travel convenience only. But now it Is not the same, with the gradual increase in the price of everyone from models to divide them into three rank or grade, even in most people’s eyes takes to be able to afford luxury Cars are more face than the average person.

on Na Aodi and BMW, although the same as the BBA’s luxury brand, but they have different strengths. Audi and BMW have so much difference? Old maintenance man to tell the truth, the owners have to sit still. Although they look beautiful in fact already launched a privately invIsible contest, especially in thIs high-end models do not want to buy a really clear if the money Will inevitably regret.

For those front-line cities for business people to travel like driving a BMW, a brand to trust it and secondly to demonstrate their identity and status. Because most of BMW’s design are relatively simple, successful Career or for those who just started to open.

In most people’s eyes before BMW has always been a luxury brand, if each of the hundred and eighty million who simply do not consider, even if the buy Is also not keep play. ThIs Is Why BMW does not know how much to give up the potential market, so in recent years it began to take the People First line, it Is understood the cheapest BMW only be able to win as long as less than 200,000.

In addition we look at Audi in the past only the right people can enjoy a sense of superiority to bring Audi, Audi Is in other words to those who have prepared the identity of the Audi brand potential contain more profound than the BMW. The old maintenance man, but frankly, to compare Audi and BMW who Is good and the key Is the engine, Audi’s engine reliability above has been criticized by others, that burning oil thIs malpractice Is being Tucao majority of owners, while the BMW engine in terms of to really be more reliable than the Audi, owners rarely turn reacts BMW engine-related problem.

both fairness same dIsplacement of the engine are almost the same in power, but not all the difference engine Audi BMW engine, fuel consumptionDo better than the BMW. The advantages of BMW Is indeed to be more, in addition to its stable and reliable engine, ride and reliability of transmIssion Is legendary. If they really want to compete with the separation, experienced maintenance man usually think overall than the Audi, but BMW. ThIs Is how you see it? Audi or BMW you optimIstic about it?

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