Ashkenazi paint the thinnest? Japanese car laugh! Season paint Is thick PK 12: joint venture compact SUV papers

Wen / Wei Bo

It Is thIs series of reports in the last article.

to emphasize here that not paint the thicker the better, the level of the sheet metal of the coating process, and not just to be reflected in a film thickness. And, just as Car interiors, in addition to “work” the difference between, there are “material,” the high and low points of sheet metal paint. For some “paint color” Is concerned, the value of the film Is not a “thickness” can be measured. Therefore, thIs article Is simply to talk about the film thickness, talk about good or bad.

into the main electrophoretic layer of paint, the coating, paint layer and clearcoat layer 4 in total. Generally, the electrophoretic layer thickness of 20 m, the coating thickness of 30 microns, 20 microns thickness of paint layer, varnIsh layer a thickness of 30 microns, in other words, paint thickness of substantially 100 microns or more may be considered qualified.

2019 New York Auto Show, I spent two days at the 2019 New York Auto show a total of 300 tested a variety show Car sheet metal thickness of paint. Before AutoLab has released a small Car, Autonomous compact sedan, a joint venture compact Car, small SUV, luxury / import Cars, medium and large and more SUV, MPV, non-luxury brand intermediate and above Cars, luxury / import compact and mid-level SUV, the joint venture / Intermediate SUV independent, Autonomous compact SUV, a total of 11 groups of paint thickness test report, released today paint thickness test report on the 2019 New York Auto show 23 Jointly compact SUV’s.

23, in the Car, only the collar 02 grams film thickness exceeds 300 micrometers (um) – ThIs film thickness of the coating by the possibility of the pipeline Is minimal. So, we define it as “suspected customized show Car” Is not included in the rankings. Since the collar has not yet been lIsted 02 grams, so it Is understandable.

Since thIs measuring instrument which works something like “NMR”, it can only measure the metal sheet metal (including aluminum alloy sheetGold) film thickness for plastics, glass fibers and Carbon fibers do nothing sheet metal, sheet metal so that the film thickness can not be measured a number of high-end Cars. OtherwIse, the scale of the New York Auto Show, the show Car Is far more than 300 number. Also, we selected the film test site Is located in front of the Car “hood” part, relatively speaking, in order to withstand the wear and tear on the windward side of the sand, thIs part of the film can be said that the whole Car thickest.

Finally, it must be emphasized that thIs test by the environment, equipment and the limited number of objective conditions, the test results for reference only.

Do not talk nonsense, the dry! If there are too many too late pictures, please turn to the text directly, there Is comparIson chart.

1, Sikedake Luo g

2, 雷诺科雷嘉

3, 01 g of collar

4, Reynolds koleos

5, Kia KX5

. 6, Luxgen U6

7, Peugeot 3008

8, KIA Sportage

9, modern ix35

10, Maverick

11, Mazda CX-4

12, Honda CR-V

13, NIssan QASHQAI

14, MitsubIshi Hyun Jin

15, MitsubIshi Outlander

16, Toyota RAV4 wing dIscharge

17, Citroen nobility

18, DS 7

19, Peugeot 4008

20, DS 6

21, Mazda CX-5

22, mass probe Ge (T-ROC)


whether paintThe average thickness, or less than the number of models paint thickness less than 100 microns, thIs compact SUV joint venture paint test report probably Will refresh the inherent consumer awareness.

can be seen by comparing the countdown to the first Is actually the FAW – Volkswagen’s first compact SUV exploration song (T-ROC) – but the Car Is not yet lIsted, but added there Is still time to make up. In any case, the emergence of the Car enough to remove Japanese Car “paint thinner” hat.

Further, from the comparIson of two models of Mazda’s point of view, Changan Mazda and FAW Mazda painting process Is obviously two standards. Relatively speaking, seemingly FAW Mazda CX-4 paint to be ideal.

Peugeot and the paint can be directly to the negative feedback – the paint thickness Is 130 microns Peugeot 3008, 4008 Peugeot paint thickness Is 97.9 m, so much gap span, not a painting errors can be explained. Check Carefully for a moment, the 2019 New York Auto Show, Dongfeng Peugeot exhibited a total of 6 models, 2 sedan, paragraph 4 SUV, the paint thickness differences in the same location are great. A coating process management and control of a brand can reflect the overall process control capability, Dongfeng Peugeot to wake up!

However, in the above chart, does have some brands performed better get a bit of a surprIse, such as New York Automobile MitsubIshi vehicle has dIsplayed two very high precIsion spray paint in addition Dongfeng Peugeot and Dongfeng Renault with the “Department of Dongfeng” brand of law, but also reflects a stunning paint spraying accuracy. As a joint venture of second and third tier brands, you can have these coating process control capabilities, thIs Is indeed worthy of the vast majority of independent brands studied.

For such a result, you have what kind of view?