Another mini-car to rIse up! Getting on with automatic air conditioning + electric rear, 8-year warranty really kind

comes to mini-Car, due to the petite body so that the passenger space Is not spacious interior, plus the appearance Is not domineering, and therefore does not meet current consumer demand, after all, and now people in the Car the first consideration Is the appearance of a large space and beautiful models. But with the domestic Car ownership Is increasing, roads are becoming more congested, especially the first-tier cities, during rush hour Is blocking people get upset, so there are a lot of people gradually turned to look at flexibility among more micro-Car field, such models not only to drive very flexible, and take the space inside the vehicle can basically meet the needs of the average family, so now the micro-Car Is also increasingly popular.

and today I tell you all talk of a mini-Car, from Jiangling’s easy to EV3, in fact, we are not talking about thIs Car familiar, but it comes Jiangling Group believes that it Is not strange, as a veteran Car prices, JMC not only has a very high position in the field of passenger Cars and light trucks, and 70 years since the development so far Is highly acclaimed by consumers. As Jiangling Group’s competitive products, easy to EV3 in the last year, Is favored by chiefs of the national grid infrastructure, a one-time purchase of 1,000 units, while tens of millions of orders not only proved the strength of the Car, but also for families with to high returns, of course, less than 70,000 starting price Is the most attractive place Car, after all, for a new energy models, such prices have been sufficient to prove the sincerity of the family. ThIs shows yet another mini-Car to rIse up! Getting on with Automatic air conditioning + electric rear, 8-year warranty really kind.

in appearance, as for a position in the mini-Car, the easy-to EV3 among similar models, or seem very eye-catching, not only the overall appearance of fashion sense Is very strong, but the entire outline of the design Is also more sports, very consIstent with the aesthetic standards of young people present. Use of a hexagonal front face grille design, combined with the internal piano paint to be modified, together with each other against the backdrop of the honeycomb network, emitting a strong fashion atmosphere, and both sides of the LED headlamps sickle group of formula looks very sharp, in the streets opened relatively high degree of recognition. The sideways in the study design dolphin imitation portrayed, it Is a very strong sense of line, so as to further enhance the beauty of the movement of the vehiclesense.

As for space, while the size of the vehicle only 3720 * 1640 * 1494 mm, 2390 mm wheelbase, but the Car the space Is not crowded, opposite at the same level models among the Car’s interior passenger space Is considered a very spacious, enough to meet daily household needs. In the interior, the entire interior layout Is simple and clear, looks very comfortable, and under the red and black colors, stylIsh interiors look younger, plus the console comes with HUD head-up dIsplay, it also brings a better driving experience for the driver. In the configuration, the Car Is also very kind, not only equipped with Automatic air conditioning and power tailgate, and like the 360-degree holographic image, Auto-sensing wipers, lane change assIstance, and equipped with collIsion warning and others have, which Is a less than 70 000 models, it Is enough to reflect their high cost.

In the power system portion, to easily EV3 Is mounted on a battery life of up to 302kw / h permanent magnet synchronous motor, the maximum power of up to 35 kilowatts and peak torque of 150 Nm Is reached, so it Is also superior power of one hundred kilometers acceleration control between 5-6 seconds, can be very in line with the demand for household scooter. What’s more, the Car Is also given 8 years or 120,000 km vehicle warranty, which among consumers in the next Car, and more at ease, but also can reflect the kind of place family.

Overall, although the mini-Car market and recession, but with the development trend of electric Cars more and more obvious, plus the mini Car Is very common means of transport in line with demand , it Is easy to EV3 current market prospects are very advantageous. Of course, the overall performance of the Car as well as high cost, it Is the biggest bright spot, after all, at the same level model which Is difficult to have a Car can do more than it has faith, so easy to compete at the same level models in EV3 power Is very strong.