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Automotive repair and maintenance to ensure that the two major fault clever little knowledge to solve

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Car people travel important means of transport, it Is an indIspensable part of life. However, Car use more, there Will be thIs kind of symptom, you can not start it.

such as: engine failure, battery power failure and the like. How do we solve these problems?

When the Car engine failure, first, when using gasoline to choose high-quality gasoline, so as to protect the engine from damage. Second, not long idle running, idle time Is long, the time to reach a normal temperature of the engine also becomes long, the evaporated fuel Is injected to the back of the valve after the slow speed, coke also arIses. The conditions can also run a high-speed, raIse my hand shift speed of the Car to prevent. Although the engine deposits Is inevitable, but can delay or mitigate the production of coke.

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In everyday use, if found vehicles have burning oil phenomenon must be timely maintenance, not the easy way just take added the way to deal with the oil. Meanwhile, a dedicated cleaning apparatus may be used during routine maintenance, for example, for the portion of the intake manifold and other oil passage Is prone to soot cleaning for demolition.

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When the battery power supply failure, to be timely maintenance. First of all, do not use the Car power before launch vehicles, such as electric cheer, audio, warning lights, power windows and so on; after do not start the Car, and immediately turn off because the battery has just launched and spent a lot of power, not completely back sufficient enough power, the excess power Will only battery power Is insufficient, the engine Is not easy, shortened battery life.

frequent battery charging power and often Will cause the battery memory effect. In addition, do not have a current phenomenon by large accelerated aging of the battery, so the battery can be used for a long some. Change the battery performance there Is a certain process, in daily use, should pay attention to inspection and maintenance, to detect abnormal drop of the battery weight, easy to immediately solve the problem.

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Experts suggest: the usual engine compartment should be tightly closed, try not to open in the rain. Check the battery voltage Is adequate expert interpretation: LIsten Carefully whether the engine has bared bared sound, and if so, it means your battery Is dead.

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to prevent battery suddenly no electricity, the best way Is to usually pay more attention “sent hIs Car for help signal”. Such signals are the following forms: First, the starter does not turn or rotate weak, so that the starter can not launch; the second Is the dark than usual headlights; three Is even a small speaker volume Is not loud.

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Gasoline flow obstruction

the performance characterIstics of the engine which the inner pipe no oil pressure. Such a situation occurred in extremely low temperatures in the morning, Is a long-term fuel line caused by dirty. Particularly low temperature so that the water mixed with debrIs barrier fuel line, the results can not be started.

Emergency Method: The vehicle Is placed in a warm environment, while the vehicle can be started; or be completely resolved using a means of cleaning the passage.

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vehicle fault lights lit panic, these tips allow you to easily cope with

1.ABS indicator

indicate the operating status of the antilock braking system.

ABS system Is normal, the light Will start to be extinguIshed. If the ABS lamp lit start, there are two possible causes of ABS fault lights lit:

1, ABS sensor or other items damaged obstruction;

2, ABS pump internal fault occurs.

ABS indicator light Is lit if Will not affect the normal running of the vehicle, but anti-lock braking function Will be out of action, while driving should be avoidedTo slam the brakes.

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2. Oil indicator (maintenance indicator)

thIs light Is used to dIsplay the status of oil pressure during engine operation.

The oil pressure Is normal or relatively clean, after starting oil indicator to be extinguIshed, if the start indicator Is on, there may be two reasons:

1, the lack of engine oil, so that the engine oil pressure in the oil fails to push in the touch sensor diaphragm.

2, oil pump damaged parts, so that the work of the oil pump capacity or the oil pump Is stopped, causing oil pressure drop, the same can not reach the sensor.

If the oil indicator (maintenance indicator) did not go out after the start, but the yellow light, that Is, to remind the owner, your Car go replace or add oil a.

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