An auto mechanic:! Cars are being “repair” bad ssss shop Is no exception

Car may be just a small problem, and finally repair the Car but was a big failure, do not know you have not noticed it?

Take blower Car, it would have been just burn insurance, and to the 4S shop inspection tells you to replace the entire blower , originally a dollar to fix things, and finally spent 200 yuan! (And even many of them deliberately,) Is now a master of Car repair industry Is less and less so with what level of repair can be regarded as the “master” mean?

1, from the sound of the engine, it Is possible to determine which place a problem;

2, the minimum replacement of parts, to achieve the best results;

3, a complete set of its own repair processes;

4, vehicle speed! For several of the points above can be able to do? What today’s repair industry give you the impression that it Is dirty and tired, who are probably a day of oil, but the treatment Is still very low, the real master Is generally a Career change. To endeavor to have the repair technology, generally have to spend several years to learn, persIst in the end people are also few and far between! Today, these young workers are generally no aftermarket professional learning theory, can not be obtained master’s instructions. Not afraid of bad Car repair mechanic school, every time a fix thIs Is not normal! No matter which one industry, we need the courage to try, and only in failure again and again in order to really grow!

took a small screw, it Is likely that most of the people think that as long as the screws tighten it. But each part of the screws are all standard strength may twIst Is not tight enough Will be too loose, tighten the screws too tight can cause breakage of! A good mechanic to do Is how to save money for the customer, even if your Car repair technology has been lacking, but a good attitude to nonVery important. A real master mechanic to repair not only the superb technology, Is more important to have a good work ethic!