Also made after the play Qizhe, Jaguar XFL really not as good as Mercedes-Benz BMW?

luxury brand Jaguar Land Rover Is the most helpless, and has been regarded very seriously the domestic market, sales of imported Cars slow growth, domestic manufacturers do not wait to find a joint venture vehicle sales not increased, also Range Rover Aurora and play to ruin the XFL. In the original high-end luxury SUV, the Range Rover Aurora appearance but also by virtue of the tough and BMW X3, Audi Q5 compete, but since domestic facelift, the street Is now a basic print.

Jaguar XF had also okay, but now less than half the sales of Audi A6L, of course, thIs Is certainly not blame the domestic Car prices Is not good, but the overall positioning of the brand Jaguar Land Rover’s worth thinking.

Jaguar has been a resounding nickname: “Qizhe Leopard”, regardless of Which model, not long after the lIsting Will play Qizhe, most other brands Offer more than a dozen points, Jaguar directly on thirty points, thIs marketing strategy Is really cut to the heart and helpless. But from the vehicle performance and configuration point of view, not as good as BMW Mercedes-Benz Jaguar XFL really do?

thIs Car Is 17 models of Jaguar XFL, exclusive model for the 2.0T 240PS version, guide price of around 400,000, as a BMW five series, Audi A6 a level C-class, the price enough and Cadillac CT6 rival, bitter hIstory of second-tier luxury brands have a lot to talk about.

After the body made with a length 5093mm, quite basic, and five lines. After extended interior space Is indeed very spacious, leather seats have seat memory, heated front and rear ventilation function, thIs configuration Is really not bad, comfort should point worth praIse.

the early years of the Jaguar Is a well-known BritIsh luxury brand, many Hong Kong movie has its shadow, and now the brand value Is still there, but word of mouth seems to decline a lot.

Car rear space Is very large, the center armrest and cup holder, sunroof panoramic roof, sitting inside Will not feel crowded, which Is really in line with home design.

ThIs Is to achieve localization in the Carriage, bent to throw off on a Mercedes-Benz BMW configuration, but there are electrically adjustable steering wheel, shift paddles, memory function, the instrument panel also spend the whole of the liquid crystal.

If a year ago, BMW five department has not yet facelift, and that thIs Jaguar XFL really big advantage, of course, in no small now after all, a five series and E-class, the price easily over five hundred thousand, but also in the case of low allocated.

thIs Car in terms of safety as well as active brake, and an auxiliary line, lane departure warning function, trunk or electric, keyless entry and a key to start, but configuration point of view high price indeed.

in the control Car has a 10.2 inches screen, audio equipment or BritIsh treasure, thIs grade Is really unexpected.

But tell then, Jaguar interior work Is really not good, the family Is also designed to control, feeling like a Land Rover SUV of the table, with only soft materials and materials aluminum alloy sheet, no Mercedes and BMW’s comfortable cash cortex, the most important Is looking at the quality Is not high.

Jaguar Land Rover stalls classic design, the vehicle can be started Automatically rIse, but now looks really very general, and some U.S.-made Cars are already equipped with thIs feature. Electronic parking stalls and two rear cup holder, practical pretty good.

before he said so many advantages, then let me talk about the shortcomings of thIs Car, otherwIse we have to think that small series Is held in trust a.

Jaguar XFL thIs four-cylinder engine equipped with a 2.0T maximum horsepower 240 hundred kilometers requires 7.4 seconds, the power has indeed bad, no additional quality control done well Benz BMW , small problems are far better than German Cars and more, more important Is the maintenance and the cost of keeping a Car late Will be more expensive. Vehicle highlights the lack, control and a sense of luxury are not manifest, the most important thing Is to preserve and increase the rate of new Car called Qizhe leopard, hedge rates used Car Is far less than the Mercedes-Benz BMW, the general Will be known as Che Fanzi “MaoThe dIsease mostly “lower prices of these grounds.

But in all, a BritIsh luxury brand, buy now the price Is not easy, cost Is not really considered poor, additional interior space Is really big enough.