Air conditioning and refrigeration drove a long slow, do not rush fluoride! Teach you a trick, rapid cooling also save a lot of oil money

so high summer temperatures, after the Car ignition first thing Is to open the air conditioning, the interior temperature already high, then a long time with the Car air-conditioning refrigeration and slow , has been transferred to the lowest temperature, and can still feel hot, but also super fuel consumption, following small series to teach you a trick, let the Car air-conditioning refrigeration fast can also save a lot of oil money.

clean the air conditioning vent

air conditioning vent cleaning Is that we often easy to overlook out, there Will be a long time to accumulate a lot of dust, so the Car started to feel that air conditioning Is not cooling, many owners Will choose to go fluoridation! but still feel cool, in fact, often because too much dust inside the air conditioning vent cause the wind Is not smooth, you want to recover refrigeration, you must first clean up the dust in the air conditioning and clean, you can choose some of the plot tool, thoroughly clean the dust, Car air-conditioning refrigeration Will soon, but do not have fluoride, cool and fuel money .

before the Car stalled off the air conditioner

A lot of people in order to save, get off every time you unplug the key direct flame , then get off, wait until the next time the child starts to drive directly follow the open air conditioning doing so not only hurts the Car battery, and so it Is very fuel when you restart, and also likely to cause Carbon deposition, so we Get off before it Will turn off and then turn off the air conditioning off significantly, or else a long time so air conditioning Is not cooling very fuel.

using the onboard heat shield

under the hot sun in summer Car temperature Is too high, it Will adjust air conditioning after a lot of people and vehicles on with a minimum, such a long time Will make Car air conditioning functions gradually decline, but not so difficult to come down temperature to cook the Car they feel can not stand the heat, we can use the Car cover Car insulation dust cover up, not only against the Car can be well protected from the sun’s heat can also cool down the temperature inside the Car Is not so high, the air conditioning Will soon cool down.