Air-conditioned car how to use the fastest demIsting

Text / Mimi Bora

at the time of the cold winter or rain, the windows are easy to fog and mIst for a long time lingers, causing danger to traffic. Car accident because the windows fog affect the eye caused by a lot, but many drivers hurry up and especially in the morning, then how should fast demIsting it?

In fact, the windows fog mainly because of cold weather, the Car inside and outside temperature difference Is too large, while the fog condensing on the glass, so that fog. The driver drove affect sight. So to change the windows fogging phenomenon, it must first achieve temperature equilibrium, so as to play the role of defogging.

troubled by the driver of the windows fog, different people have different solutions. Some people prefer to open the windows, let as indoor and outdoor temperature, so that you can dIsperse the fog, but the speed Is too slow, the Car people have to endure the cold outside Is. But after a while it Will fog up, unless the Car people do not really cold.

and for demIsting some people there are other ways, such as talking about the cold open air conditioning, direct blow Car glass. But still with the above case, every one Will fog out there Will be new, there Is no way to completely solve. In fact, thIs case appears the reason Is simple, the body Will produce heat, people sitting in the Car, even if the same temperature inside and outside the Car. There are no temperature difference, but people have of Kazakh gas, the heat also makes the interior temperature higher than the outside temperature. So these are not solutions to the windows fogging.

in order to quickly complete the defogging, we should take advantage of the Car configuration of the role of air conditioning. Vehicle configuration Is not white to, to learn to use the job. The air-conditioned transferred hot air outlet aligned windshield. So start the Car for a while, engine heat Will spread into the Car through the air conditioning, then blown windshield. With the running of the Car, the engine Will be more and more heat, and air conditioning blowing warm air vehicle configuration Will be getting hot. When the windshield reaches a certain temperature, it Will not continue to fog. So as to achieve the purpose of the window defogging.

repeatedly troubled by the majority of owners of the windows fog, in fact, so simple can be solved.As long as the fog for what many think, and then configure the clever use of the Car can play a role. But some Car owners usually so busy, no time to focus on what the Car can do with the configuration, Will have been deeply troubled.

In addition, there are many features on board should pay attention to it, Will also play a role at a critical time. Now more fully configured settings on the Car, the functions are more abundant. The purpose Is to allow owners while driving Will be more convenient, but also more comfortable driving experience, such as cab handrails, etc., in order to allow drivers to long-dIstance driving, hands can be on top, driving less fatigue. There are many features are great role. The Car configuration Is not a decoration, we go to for their own use, so as not to waste configure their own Car bought with money. And prices vary greatly the same Car, with low and high with many times the price difference, lies in on these configurations. Buy low with the Car Will be limited configuration maximizes the use. And buy a high with the Car should make the best use, since it spent the money, never use a bit wasted. Also do not know where you can see more instructions, use as many of them on.