Aftermarket master craftsman tell you, maintenance method auto radiator fan failure, Is enough to see here

summer driving, in addition to always pay attention to road conditions, but also stand the heat of the high temperature at thIs time if the Car radiator fan fails, it can be incredible! Anyway, for Automobile radiator fan problem, how should master Automotive repair it? Today small to give us Is the repair methods on Automotive radiator fan failure, thIs article full of work, do not go, oh God.

One problem: the cooling fan Is not operating the vehicle Is in motion

Maintenance Method : the emergence of thIs problem may be due to the condition of the engine cooling fan start temperature Is not reached, the master Automotive cooling fan can be tested using engine diagnostic instruments, if everything Is working properly, you need to check Auto repair master Is not the thermostat failure appeared.

Second problem: cooling fans frequently start after the Car Is turned off

ThIs Is normal behavior in most cases . Because after the Car Is turned off, in general, the cooling system Will also stop working, thIs time the temperature of the engine has not yet cooled down, because of thIs, the cooling fan Will continue to work for some time, only to wait after the engine temperature down, Natural cooling fan stops working.

three problems: high gear does not rotate the fan

First, the master should check connector Automotive fan there exIsts no bad situation, in addition also need to check the power supply of the fan, the fan there Is no catching the like, these factors cause the fan does not work in the case of a higher gear.

Question 4: fan abnormal sound

If you hear abnormal sound when the fan Is working properly, the following 4 cases:

fan wear housing;

second fan bearings may be damaged;


3. the fan blade modificationA;.

4 a foreign body into the fan.

above four cases, need to be replaced for the first three related parts, and the last case, you can just clean up the foreign body.

know how to solve after the radiator fan, also need to know how to properly remove the radiator fan, so as not to cause harm, the following Will attach the radiator fan the correct removal steps:

1 dIsassembled engine baffle;

2 Removing the sub-tank; [. .

3 Panasonic coolant pipe;

4 detachable snap on the fan shroud;.


5-release connector plug and a fastening screw to come out of the fan shroud;

Removing the retaining nut 6 of the fan.