After the first insurance, 4S shop maintenance goes back to it? Not what Will happen?

led to the development of the national economy standard of living of the residents, the Car has become essential goods every household, then you Will find with the Car maintenance Is a very difficult problem, where to go? 4S shop to it, for a long time, your asking price, but to the roadside repair shop also worried that fear does not fly, here’s a small series with a look at Car Care to those things where the.

First of all, if your Car Is a new Car, be sure to choose to go to the 4S shop, Why? 4S shop maintenance Is not to say how good, but the new Car warranty period if a problem, to the 4S shop can be repaired free of charge, in Tips, if there Is not necessarily in accordance with the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule to 4S , then thIs Will void the warranty, because if time did not go to 4S shop for maintenance, the Car once a problem, the manufacturers can not determine Is the manufacturer of quality problem or problems during which you do not go home due to the repair shop.

that over the Car after the warranty period, how to say? To maintain it in the 4S shop? If your Car Is a small rub a small cut these small problems, then you can choose roadside maintenance trim point, after all, Is cheap and easy, it Will not take too much time. However, if a little bit of serious problems the best to the 4S shop for maintenance, after all, if a roadside repair shop using inferior parts for the Car, the security rIsk Is quite frightening, after all life Is precious.

So after reading the above analysIs of small series, know how to do it? To sum it up Is that the Car must be maintained for thIs problem in the 4S shop, Will depend on the specific situation and the state of the Car encountered another decIsion.