After the first car insurance, there Is a need to go 4S shop maintenance it? Maintenance man said the truth

REVIEW: After the first Car insurance, there Is a need to go 4S shop maintenance it? Maintenance man told the truth

Today, for many people, buying a Car Is no longer a difficult task, but after a series of problems for owners to buy a Car quite a headache, such as inspection, small the reason problems and so on, in fact, not that we can not solve a lot of problems, but inexperienced, come to you today to dIscuss what we buy a Car if the Car after the first insurance, follow-up maintenance Is also necessary to the 4S shop for it? Many people Will choose to be on the outside of society and maintenance repair shop, some people choose to 4S shop, then one Is better? Repairman here to tell the truth.

In fact, whether 4S store or repair shop in the community, are both advantages and dIsadvantages, can not directly say that what Is good Is not good, in the choice of site maintenance before, we need to think clearly three questions, so as to find their own.

First, if sociable. If you are strong communication skills, then outside the repair shop Is very suitable for you, because the contrast 4S shop, repair shop maintenance Is not so rigid, we can maintain the flexibility to adopt a variety of materials, such as long dIstances if only maintenance on the brakes system, sometimes part of local maintenance Is not necessary to use the best materials, so that the boss can recommend, but if we can and then got to know the owner, whether preferential or material quality are guaranteed, after all, the boss also hope to have more many repeat customers, of course, if you do not have thIs capability, then select the 4S shop or honest it.

Second, if the niche models. If the Car Is in our hands niche models, it Is still more reliable choice 4S shop, 4S shop, after all, are professionals, a variety of facilities and technologies are more complete, although many Car maintenance processes similar, but the difference Is still some details relatively large, such as the location of various pieces of equipment, if it Is niche models, even some old masters are likely confused, indIscriminate demolition regardless of time or if the user experience Is quite poor, but not necessarily final you can find the same type of material.

Third, if there Is time, a lot of people like to research the Car,For example, what brand of motor oil to use, what types of brakes on the Car to help the most, these people have time, you can go to the repair shop maintenance, and if you do not have time or relatively valuable time, then solve it or to the 4S shop , probably not the best, but it Is best for them.