After the first car insurance, future maintenance Is the choice to the 4S shop or repair shop?

Now every house money, a lot of families have begun to consider buying a Car, although the Car Is not very expensive, but for most ordinary families still have to just bite the bullet and buy, such as buy back Cars are well maintained, and do not let a little dust, not to mention the bumps. That when our Car after the first insurance, future maintenance Is to continue to choose to go inside the 4S shop to do it, or go to the repair shop, for that matter, we together look. First, we should look at doing different 4s shop to repair and maintenance of plant maintenance,

First: the price

are generally in charge of maintenance repair shop to be higher in the maintenance shop 4s, 4s shop which also made a lot of money. Different prices in different parts of the region are basically the same, but time charge may not be the same. Many owners are in the Car repair shop 4S reaction charge Is relatively high, so some Car owners after the warranty period are selected to ordinary repair shop for maintenance, not to 4S shop, Is because of the price.

Second: mass

4S store frequently used parts are substantially original parts in mass on a great guarantee, does not appear what accessories do not meet the original, or what quality problems, but most of the repair shop fittings are not original parts, but if you are a regular repair shop, the quality may not appear problem.

Third: Technology

When our Car needs maintenance, and for most of our owners 4S shop technology Is quite reassuring, after all, Is a regular Car service station. For some outside repair shop less worry for us repairman, some small problems can also repair shop repair on the outside, but met with some of the core Issues Auto 4S shop Is still guaranteed.

In thIs case, if you want to choose, then we would because the case may be, if you are a novice, or do not Care what the price of the class, you can selectedChoose to go 4s shop maintenance. If you like the modified Car, or have open repair shop of hIs good friends know the technology class, you can choose to go to the repair shop maintenance.