After the car to the 4S shop maintenance but Why fuel consumption even higher? Maintenance workers say tricky

After the Car to the 4S shop maintenance but Why fuel consumption even higher? Maintenance workers say the transmIssion of the dIsease

In the process used in Automobile, Will inevitably produce some consumption. In order to allow the vehicle to impose a better state, so to a certain time, we need time to do the maintenance. But some owners of reaction, obviously he just finIshed maintenance, but the performance of the vehicle but declined, but also increased the fuel consumption actually. How Is thIs going? LIsten to how the maintenance man said.

In general, Car maintenance we are referring mainly to clean the inside of the Car, check again its various parts have no need to be replaced, thIs approach also play a preventive role in the first place, it Is possible to improve the overall performance of the Car, it remains in a state among the best.

First oil Is oil there Is a problem, because the more a Car Is not added to the oil, the better to prove its maintenance, the amount of too much but Will affect the crankshaft and resIstance, and everyone in the conservation, Will not completely clean up old oil clean, directly to the new oil mixed together, can also cause excessive situations, and the impurities It Will be retained, but the impact on the Car.

Second, there may be an increase in fuel consumption due to add a different and original Car engine oil. Because oil Is to play the role of lubrication oil so you need to have a certain vIscosity, so it can be better to lubricate Automobile parts, however, for some of the oil vIscosity Is too large, the same operation of the engine Will produce some resIstance, the vehicle Is running the process Will consume more power, fuel Will be correspondingly increased.

oil type vehicle Is a lot 5W-20, but the owners do not know their Car’s oil model of Car maintenance, then added 5W-40 engine oil, resulting in 40 oil Is too thick, not only difficult to feel the engine lubricating oil Is brought in when the work, and have to allocate part of the power to bring the oil consumption resIstance, fuel consumption Will naturally increase the .

Then, sometimes maintenance may replace the spark plugs, spark plug if not installed good, fuel consumption Is further increased. Because the spark plug Is not installed, can easily lead to the combustion chamber inside the pressure leak, it Will lead to the loss of power, the corresponding fuel consumption also high up. At the same time in addition to not installed, but also pay attention to the problem Is not because of the size of the spark plug.

above these errors can be avoided. If the owners found the vehicle in fuel consumption and maintenance after the increase, it Is best to check, so they used also safer.