After the car “the first insurance”, you need to go to 4S shop maintenance? Old driver explanation given

“Auto Guide”

after suffering experienced driving test, some friends can not wait to open the Car on the road. Although the process may make people comfortable, but then questions about Car maintenance, I am afraid Will make some people a headache, in the final analysIs may lie in a lack of experience. However, 4S shop there, it may be larger eased somewhat inexperienced novice owners anxieties. However, occasional negative News about the 4S shop, but also for some novice owners was shaken. So after the Car, “the first insurance” need to go 4S shop continues to maintain it? Old driver to tell the truth, the owner: regret to know.

For some novice owners concerned. Due to the lack of maintenance of professional knowledge, perhaps to the 4S shop maintenance Is relatively good choice. Even if the Car after the first insurance, but the 4S shop, after all, Is a vendor-specific institutions, the quality of various accessories must have been somewhat protected. Although the price compared to ordinary repair shop to be more expensive, but for some novice owners lack experience, it may be safer. After all, 4S shop Is a profitable company, it does not make money gnaw line.

For some older drivers concerned. Some Car repair knowledge may already know over many years of driving. Moreover, the situation Is also more familiar with the Car. Therefore, from the perspective of saving expenses, after the Car had “the first insurance” might choose a general repair shop for maintenance, because the price Is relatively 4S shop may be low. Some might say, the supply of general repair shop Is not formal. In fact, thIs may be just a few cases. In general, the repair shop in order to retain customers, purchase channels most of them have quality assurance. Moreover, with some older drivers stock of knowledge in maintenance, I believe may have been enough to cope with everyday use.

old driver said that for the majority of Car owners concerned, in the end Is to the 4S shop or general repair shop, or according to their own specific circumstances. Of course, to ensure the quality of maintenance of the premIse, as far as possible to save money so perhaps Is better.