After the car air conditioning Is turned on, Is there a relationship between the air volume and fuel consumption?

summer, and often drove for a friend Is one thing to have experience – got into a Car at noon exposure. ThIs acid can cool just God, of course, open all doors scattered on the Car before cooling air than the direct air conditioning to be a good thing, not to say today’s topic. We are here to talk about a number of owners are concerned, but not necessarily the problem clearly, and that Is how much fuel consumption Car air conditioning?

We know that the Car Is a corresponding increase in fuel consumption and use of air conditioning, but how much can increase the magnitude, most drivers thIs Is still relatively vague. According to professionals explain, Automotive air-conditioning accounts for about 20% of the engine power, the air conditioning Will be spent part of the engine power, fuel consumption Will increase, specific fuel consumption and vehicle emIssions and increase the amount of speed related. Usually hundred kilometers 10 liters of Car fuel consumption of air conditioning Will increase about 2 liters. Impact on fuel consumption of air conditioning Is very obvious.

Is there a relationship between the air volume and fuel consumption? How to influence fuel consumption Car air conditioning, Auto air conditioning out of the wind and there are two refrigeration systems. The main factors affecting fuel consumption Is cooling, not much relationship between the air volume and fuel consumption. Air volume affects only the motor running speed, consume more battery power, fuel consumption produced negligible.

Generally we feel, air conditioning spent fuel and high and low temperature in size only relevant, in fact, the Car’s air conditioning fuel consumption also with the humidity. Through the special quiz Federal Environmental Agency found: the higher the temperature, the higher the humidity, the higher the fuel consumption of Automotive air-conditioning caused; when the temperature reached 20 degrees Celsius, with the temperature and humidity changes, increased fuel consumption about 10% to 20% between; when the temperature reached about 40 degrees Celsius unusual degree, coupled with changes in humidity, fuel consumption Will increase up to 30%.

summer high temperature inside the Car, on the train immediately after the air conditioning cooling effect Is not only bad, but also an increase in the initial operation of the engine pressure after the best first open the door all the windows open, and so the inside temperature decreased significantly after the air conditioning. To reach the destination,Turn off the air conditioning turned off after the recall, the engine Is also very harmful, to develop the Car before the first turn off the air conditioning, audio, lighting, etc. all closed habit.