After reading your tires quickly see there Is no cracking, knowledge of automobile tires

After reading your tires quickly see there Is no cracking, knowledge of the Car tires

preceding paragraph, the number of domestic models equipped with Bridgestone tires started the large number of complaints the owner, from the leading Automotive product defect information collection platform, Car endoplasmic reticulum statIstics, only a month received a Bridgestone tire about 300 complaints, which involves cracking around ninety percent, the remaining 10 % of the complaints, including tire drum kits, peeling, abrasion, puncture and tire pressure and other problems, under normal circumstances, the surface of the tire and rubber cracks appear related to aging and the extent of use, but there are some vehicles travel less than 6000 kilometers appeared tortoIse, so more and more Car owners suspected quality problems Bridgestone tires thIs batch, for doubts, explained Bridgestone Is given, and the conditions of use of the tire have a great relationship, low air pressure with water and sunlight Will accelerate tire aging, but not so fast on aging.

It Is said that there are currently 4S shop Is secretly Carried out, free replacement tires activity problem, and consumer and signed a confidentiality agreement, as the world’s largest tire and rubber manufacturers of products, at the same time one of the Big three Is also Bridgestone tire industry, but also began to not go the right way, and while these Bridgestone tires, whether it Is necessary to recall, Car manufacturers need to quickly make judgments related , the government also needs regulatory authorities timely follow-up survey, if you recently bought a Car with Bridgestone tires, better take a look at yourself, there Is not the above-mentioned problems.

we said airbag before shelf life, the tire as a rubber Is also shelf life, shelf life of the tire rubber Is typically four to five years, have a shelf life on there may be aging, turtle crack, the production date code on the tires, see the last of the four, for example, the last four digits are 0616, 2016 that produced the sixth week, like the tire you want to Shidao 2020 have to be considered for a little longer.

Of course, if the Car especially if you frequent, it Is absolutely not wait until the shelf life, and back tires. According to what to decide traded? It Is the depth of the tire tread line, the tire wear indicatorLocated in pieces of main drain groove on the tire, seen from the side at intervals there Will be a triangle of a sign, when worn tire tread wear to a mark of an odd level, it Is necessary to have the tires replaced.

tire tread wear limit general family Cars Is 1.6 mm, but it Is recommended that you do not wait until the mill to that extent and back, some people say I am a live who must wear only change to the lever together, so it tell you, driving rain to make thIs Car does skid, tire tread depth of not less than three millimeters, it Is generally the tread Is less than three millimeters, in order not to affect the function can be considered a change, and that there Is no kind of lines that do not have bald tires, commonly known as really called slicks, in the early years of racing on the site, because it can get the maximum tire contact patch, also can be at a higher speed cornering, which Is its advantage, dIsadvantage Is that the chance of runaway Cars also increased a lot, and as such, the international Automobile Federation from 1998, the ban on the use of the famous F1 race slicks , required to use a tire having a straight groove pattern, thereby reducing the speed of the Car when cornering.

In addition to the considerations of the tire other than we just said, we recommend that you each month to the 4S shop to check tire pressure, every additional travel 7000 km to 8000 km when doing a four rotation position, to ensure uniform tire wear, tire for your Biexian trouble, tire like our feet, people often walk a long time, can not repair a foot squeezed thing about conditioning.

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