After a 315, opened a 4S shop maintenance “secret”, maintenance staff: too black heart!


a 315, opened a 4S shop maintenance “secret”, maintenance staff: too black heart!

a 315 Secret Why must go to 4S shop maintenance? LIsten maintenance man explained that the owners: too black heart

Is now in people’s lives has been some improvement, the high prices for some things also have a desire to want to buy. Especially for thIs Car thing, it Is to become the standard every household. And after as more and more people join the ranks of Car, U.S.’s Car ownership are constantly rIsing. It has also been more or less for Auto understanding of their topic Is also more. As we all know, after we buy a Car, not only need to pay various fees, the latter part of its maintenance Is more and no less. And after you buy a new Car, 4S stores Will send free maintenance, I believe we must all know thIs, right? But after the first maintenance, vehicle owners generally Will choose to go outside the vehicle maintenance garage, after 315, it has opened a 4S shop maintenance Why not go to get “secret”, after the maintenance man heard the explanation, the public owners address him: too black heart!

According to the maintenance staff said: Many owners felt to do maintenance more expensive in the 4S shop, and 4S shop suspect Is not always reap huge profits. Because the repair shop doing maintenance on the roadside, then, than the formal 4S shop a lot cheaper. But the fact that people always imagine the opposite, after exposure of 315, just so that we understand, try not to do certain maintenance roadside Car repair workshop. ThIs Is because these private vehicle maintenance, there are a lot in order that they can derive high profits, while the use of a highly advanced way to deceive the owner. In thIs regard, there are many owners of these address him too black heart repair shop!

we all understand, fake oil to influence the Car Is very large, because the lubricating effect of non-compliance, not just to make parts bearing wear and activity of the engine serious, but also make the life of the engine Is greatly reduced, more likely to lead to engine malfunction, jitter and accelerate symptoms of weakness appear. After all, the engine oil Is a very important thing, like the engine Is the “heart”, while the oil Is to make it work, “blood” in general.

However, some unscrupulous vendors has chosen the fake oil to deceive the owner, plus we have a petty mind, let these natural repair shop more reckless. And although the 4S shop to do maintenance than the side of the road maintenance plant hundreds of pieces of expensive, but in the 4S shop to do maintenance every time, there are records, of course, thIs record Is very important, you need to sell Cars when, it makes your Car more hedge few.

The most important thing Is, you do not have to worry 4S point Will use fake oil, because the owner of the vehicle if a problem or accident, 4S shop Will share those concerns for you . Note, however, that if you are not in the best after-sales maintenance related 4S shop, then there Is no way to get any protection.