Afford could not afford? You look at the sale price might be shocked BMW

“As long as the routine deep strokes fell great oaks.”

“As long as the routine deep, Who Who seriously.”

ThIs Is a routine era ~

Yiyanbuge Will fall into various “routine” in the

to buy a new Car to the 4S shop to do maintenance people

must have known luxury Car maintenance service to

heart proud petite Anshuang quickly overwhelmed

and under various populIst guIse of Caring

maintain the price Is still high

no substantive measures


found a small series of upright Car brand !

in the Automotive industry how

so that owners dead crush?

and the owners how to maintain Tanabata sweet love like never fade?

we take a look at the luxury brand BMW

upright in the aftermarket field of hair strokes


the BMW bluntness hair strokes a:
parts price reduction

ThIs “What Is up, wages are not rIsing only era”, BMW maintenance instead of rIsing prices drop.

Since April 1, 2016 BMW and MINI price cut of more than 4500 kinds of parts, with the highest drop up 30%.

According to the information dIsplay, the price components include filters, air filter, fuel filter, front fenders, rear lights, rear bumper. Which often suffer from poor damaged electric mirrors price reduction of 25%, higher maintenance rate after bumper also fell by 15%.

I believe we all know that conservation Automobile benefits with the original, genuine always be irreplaceable. ThIs time BMW original accessories slashed prices, which undoubtedly greatly reduce the cost of keeping a Car owners.

Also worth mentioning Is that, after the cut parts prices, zero-stoichiometric models Will decrease, the corresponding premium rate It Will also be reduced. Therefore, in thIs regard insurance, gave us properly due to save the cost of money.


upright moves BMW II:

long Yue maintenance services extended to all the warranty of the vehicle

in fact, prices are down just a very small part of the BMW in the service areas of reform and innovation.

As we all know, every Car Is a certain warranty period. The warranty period, which Is what we commonly known as a security, the owner Will feel particularly anxious, because thIs means toAfter the Car broke down the problem, you have to completely own the money.

But for BMW owners, Will have to worry more. Because very upright BMW launched the owner of welfare –BMW long Wyatt and maintenance services extended to all the insured vehicle, reducing the cost of after-sales maintenance for all of the insured vehicle.

First Is that the long Wyatt maintenance service Is valid, it can provide professional maintenance services for every BMW owners, include: oil filters, brake fluid, braking system, particle filter, spark plugs, air filter, fuel filter, the wiper blade and the like.

Now, long Wyatt maintenance services extended to all the insured vehicle, whether the vehicle has been more than three years of vehicle age or mileage more than 100,000 kilometers, you can enjoy a professional maintenance service.

If your Car’s vehicle age over three years and less than seven years, you can enjoy long Wyatt maintenance services 12 routine maintenance 20% dIscount; age of the vehicle such as Car more than seven years, you can enjoy 30% dIscount on long Wyatt maintenance services 12 routine maintenance.

Whether you are a new member of the BMW family, or have been waiting with BMW an old friend of many years, as long as you are a BMW’s, can enjoy lower prices and more reliable service. Such concessions, it does not want to heart Is immune!


BMW’s upright moves three:

intimate after-sales summer Care

upright BMW’s the most important feature Is unabashedly Care for every owner.

instance, thIsDomestic heavy rains frequently. The safety Car driving in the rain Is affecting the hearts of countless people, in order to ensure owners of road safety,

From now until August 31, 2016, BMW and MINI brand launched the sale seasonal summer Care activities, BMW and MINI owners can enjoy a number of preferential rainy, rainy day trip more comfortable.

Shipping rainy item comprIses: full-line maintenance of the wiper blade at least 6 fold packages Shipping; free summer vehicle testing services; for CIC / NBT (HU -H) / Entry Nav navigation models free upgrade navigation services; dust filter maintenance packages, air conditioning, cleaning and dIsinfection Car service and many other promotions. The warranty period maintenance costs of all models Will save at least two percent.


In fact, not just BMW, in recent years, many Car brands have launched official spare parts price reduction. But no doubt, BMW Is clearly further on “People First” initiative and sincerity. 360-degree sale of various preferential policies to linger, Is entirely gentle and Caring president overbearing style. So much the intensity of sale promotions, but also further strengthen the competitiveness of the BMW brand in the luxury of.

But there Is no doubt that the biggest benefit Is our ultimate BMW owners, whether Car or keep a Car, BMW Is not for the general public in terms of reach, not only has the luxury brand of high-quality driving experience, but also enjoy comprehensive and thoughtful professional maintenance services.