ADAS system allows car manufacturers and independent repair shops to opposition

Many Car manufacturers said that only spare parts and repair services to their authorized dealers to ensure the safety of vehicles.

rapid rIse of the driver assIstance technology Is making Car manufacturers and repair shop to a contradictory way, which could determine the future of the digital age who controls the value $ 800 billion Automotive aftermarket.

Taking into account the complexity of these systems than ever, including lane keeping assIst, blind spot detection and Automatic braking, many Car manufacturers said that only spare parts and maintenance of their authorized dealers services to ensure the safety of vehicles.

ThIs caused strong resentment among the current leading independent Auto repair shops and vendors of the market. They say they can produce parts, you can also repair the Car, the charges are very low, but consumers were turned away.

to the Subaru example, the company told clients any problems resulting from replacement parts EyeSight intelligent driving safety support systems caused not within the warranty. “Let your 100% Subaru Car parts, to protect yourself and your investment.”

gives Carmakers such tips are not only a Subaru. According to Reuters Carmakers advanced driver assIstance systems, a survey (ADAS) maintenance and calibration, NIssan, NIssan’s luxury Car brand Infiniti and Volvo also said that customers using unauthorized spare parts and repair services provided by dealers It Will affect the vehicle warranty. While companies such as General Motors and Honda warranty does not Issue a warning, but said original parts stores and authorized installation and maintenance Is critical to vehicle safety.

In the United States, post-conflict thIs Car market Is escalating. (FTC) and legIslators independent repair shops and parts makers have asked the government agencies responsible for consumer protection of the Federal Trade CommIssion to intervene. They want to prevent the original Car manufacturer or an authorized reseller of ADAS components as a service warranty conditions, to promote thIs new technology in line with the rules of the traditional Automotive equipment, and get the latest Automotive diagnostic softwaredata.

“The Automotive industry Is to produce such a wrong argument: either election security, or choose easy maintenance.” President of the United States Automotive and Equipment Manufacturers Association (MEMA) Paul McCarthy (Paul McCarthy) said.

In thIs regard, industry sources said the complexity of the new technology has changed the pattern of the game after the Automotive market. On behalf of the interests of the US Carmaker Automobile Federation Trade Organization (Auto Alliance) said they would provide the necessary training and information, but repair shops often lack the resources or expertIse.

Automobile Federation spokesman said: “Technology Makes Security has made great progress, so the technicians are responsible for the times.”

FTC declined to comment, it Is still soliciting the views of industry and public views on the maintenance problems.

regardless of right and wrong, the rIse Will reshape the Autopilot software in thIs area in the future Will also have a lot of contention. Some analysts said the US Auto market value each year after the field of maintenance of $ 390 billion globally thIs figure Will more than twice as high.

winner in thIs area Will be in a good position to benefit from the expected and Autonomous vehicles revolution, because ADAS often regarded as Autonomous vehicles revolutionary pioneer.

complicated and expensive ADAS

At present, the US road only 10% of vehicles have ADAS, but thIs number Will grow rapidly. Major Car manufacturers have promIsed that by 2020, almost every new Car Will be equipped with forward collIsion warning systems and Automatic city emergency braking system.

After the monopoly Car market Will fall into the current predicament sales of Car makers a shot in the arm. But for some independent family-owned repair shop, it can be devastating, these stores bear most of the maintenance work the United States, employs millions of people.

The new system includes a built-in ADAS bumpers, fenders, mirror and windshieldsCamera, radar and ultrasonic sensors, even if the light collIsion of the vehicle, vehicle repair work ever more complex and expensive than ever.

executive director of the United Auto Body Parts Association (Automotive Body Parts Association) Edward salami (Edward Salamy) said that independent parts suppliers production ADAS the price may be only 25% of Car manufacturers paid one – 50%.

According to the US Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), the Car windshield after the market average cheaper than the original to be about $ 420. However, some Car manufacturers warned that cheap parts may pose a security rIsk. They said sensor must be calibrated, which Is a costly process that requires a scan tool to access the software space, ground, special lighting environments and custom made.

Industry experts pointed out that consumers do not realize Is basically maintenance undue rIsk.

, managing director of JD Power’s insurance business Kyle Schmidt (Kyle Schmitt), said the agency had 500 owners conducted a survey of these owners in the past two ADAS systems are repaired during the year, of which 15% said their system Is not properly maintenance, resulting in the original technique does not work or Is not the same as before. Maintenance problems detection rate of independent stores Is the authorized dealer four times.

In a similar survey, the tests also showed that the IIHS, unauthorized windshield may prevent the sensor Is working properly.

inconsIstent data

After the Car market such problems characterized as security Issues. They said the owners might postpone thIs expensive but very necessary repairs, and argues that dealers lack the ability to provide services for the growing ADAS Automotive systems.

In April, MEMA letter FTC induced in said at least 3 on U.S. Highway0000000 Car has been repaired limit Car manufacturers, Car repair market participants after the stop.

According to 11 repair shop owners say, if you do not use the scan tool Car manufacturers, they are unable to interpret and repair 20-30% of ADAS diagnostic trouble codes, which often It must mean the Car to an authorized dealer.

However, the cost of these tools and data of up to $ 100,000. For many small repair shop, it Is a daunting figures. ThIs figure for the Automotive industry Is also beyond doubt.

US Auto insurance giant Allstate (Allstate) also agreed with these concerns. Senior manager of the company’s scientific and technological research and collIsion repair center Richard Beckwith (Richard Beckwith) pointed out that Car manufacturers do not provide sufficient ADAS data. He called for the Automotive industry generously give small repair shop information.

opportunity knocks

four Auto industry lawyer told Reuters ADAS attribution of responsibility to a large extent also a gray area, because technological development goes beyond legal precedent, but so far no action against public after the failure of ADAS maintenance.

partner of the United States international law firm King & Spalding’s Jackie Glassman (Jackie Glassman), said: “In theory, if the manufacturer’s maintenance instructions are given clearly, they have reasonable defense, but as the case may be, the future may be a lot of cases. “

some companies saw a business opportunity. Some new industry players, such as Smart Express and asTech, already approved by the manufacturer of the scanning and calibration tool to invest and provide mobile services, with high-tech workers sent trucks to the local repair shop.

Smart Express chief operating officer, Jeff Evenson, vice president of global investor relations before Tesla (Jeff Evanson) That, in a growing industry Autopilot, aftermarket parts and tools difficult to meet safety requirements.

He added: “Although the Automotive industry has not fully consider the problems it created, but the complexity of these systems and the rIsk of being hacked means that Car manufacturers must lock . repair information, to ensure the safety of the vehicle “(thIs article compiled from: Reuters, Photo: Reuters)