Actually there are so many car repair pit, Why do not you pay attention!

1. The vehicle was a private

When the owners choose to go to the garage to repair Cars, especially in a short time maintenance Is not good, they often Will put in the repair shop and then wait two days to get the Car. But you may not know a lot of repair shops are now unauthorized use of the customer’s Car. We drove out to do something, and so are the little things a meal, if a traffic accident occurs, there Will be a lot of trouble.

2. The attachment to each other should be filled.

At present, the Car repair market, the so-called original parts, demolition of parts, components and auxiliary components offline, so that ordinary people are easily fooled. According to insiders, in fact, most of them are deputy plant parts, as long as certain types of market size Is large enough, imitation genuine, factory production parts Will be profitable. The headlight, bumper, and other commonly used paint cover sheet metal parts are key components auxiliary plant.

suggestion: Before replacing, you can check whether the packaging of fine accessories, and other accessories of the number of typefaces Is clear, the paper Is excellent packaging stickers and other methods to dIstinguIsh.

3. The coating fake and shoddy goods, filled with brand-name

ThIs Is more common in the service industry, and more to show you there Is deceptive, security signs, security and telephone.

suggestion: Try using a film with warranty Card, then call the manufacturer to verify its authenticity.

4. secretly stealthily good accessories

ThIs Is like the general exIsts only in individual stalls unscheduled maintenance and repair workshop. To do that, use some maintenance personnel more familiar with the owners of the proxy service personnel, another new Car accessories remove more color to their replacement. In addition, there are a lot of old mechanic parts, replacement parts from your Car, thIs Is mainly for a variety of sensors, actuators and components, tires and other accessories easy to transfer.

Recommendation: the owner should try to understand the basics of the Car, each of the CarA portion having a general understanding, a detailed understanding of the parts should be replaced. In addition, agents who want to help their staff Carry out maintenance works, we should pay close attention.

So, how can we avoid being deceived victims of it? On the one hand, the owners need to stay in mind, you can usually pay attention to accumulate some maintenance knowledge. The Car has some small problems can be easily treated. When faced with big problems, maintenance personnel Will not be deceived. On the other hand, recommended to choose large formal Auto repair shop for vehicle maintenance and repair, although the price may be more expensive than the repair shop, but the real parts, clear codes price, professional and technical personnel, professional services, and supervIsion of plant , more trustworthy.