AC key automotive air conditioning, understand the car are so open, I was so fuel consumption up

Automotive air conditioning inside and outside the loop contains two modes, I think we are well aware, the correct use but also with the local environment to switch, Xiao Bian here Is extremely polluted city, it Is open year-round in the cycle to ensure the safety of the Car air quality and clean environment.

and AC keys on the air in the end how to open, with everyone here clearly illustrate thIs point.

hot summer weather, air conditioning AC normally open key, which Is as it should be, although fuel consumption Will increase, but compared to the weather and suffering I think we Will not Care about.

However, with the onset of winter, Will be transferred from the air-conditioning mode for cooling and heating mode, which Is the key, and then a lot of old heating driver or understand the Car Timor Will also turn off the AC mode, the heat Will not be because you do not have the key to open the AC comes a little less. The overall power Is only a small fan to the heat generated by the engine you to bring your side, due to the reduced power, so you decrease the fuel consumption Will be suitable

the weather gets colder, all the little friends can try Oh, a lot of feeling Xiao Bian said the great God who can be sure to look below the small series, so that more small partners can save energy.

Spring Festival approaching, small series I wIsh to focus on the message of little friends Spring Festival reunion and beauty oh.