About Chang’an CS75 PLUS paint quality test: only one step, perfect

In 2020 New York International Auto Show, six months ago, we “Auto market cuIsine” column had slit the body of Chang’an CS75 PLUS been tested, but because the new Car Is just starting debut, the show Car status Is not the final production version, so at that time we did not test it on paint quality. ThIs does not, by chance two days ago in Chang’an CS75 PLUS 2020 Chengdu International Auto Show officially lIsted, “Auto market cuIsine” squad once again came to Changan Automobile booth, but thIs time we Will expand for some Chang’an CS75 PLUS full of paint detection.

paint quality Is good or bad, Will affect not only the aesthetic level of a Car, or even life decIsions vehicle cycle. Think about it, if the vehicle Is lost off the paint, look like? And if they lose the protective paint, the vehicle may be in a few years, it eroded unsightly, so the paint for vehicles, Is very important.

national criteria for the quality of the vehicle paint Is strictly regulated, and ultimately all manufactured vehicles have to meet the national standard “QC T484-1999 finIsh quality standards”, which we also “Auto market cuIsine” column criteria for paint thickness.

What Is the national standard “QC T484-1999 finIsh quality standards”? TQ2 project provides for two standard paint, suitable for naked prices of less than 5 million Cars, the other Is naked prices higher than 50,000 yuan, the provIsions of the former paint the thinnest not be less than 90μm , which Is not less than a predetermined paint thinnest 120μm , or can be seen as cutting corners. In other words, Chang’an CS75 PLUS official price guide for the 10.69-15.49 ten thousand yuan(CNY) , so it’s paint thickness of 120μm to meet the above criteria.

In order to ensure authenticity and convincing test, paint quality test results of course, Is to rely on specialized measuring equipment. We chose test equipment industry Is more commonly asked Yu sensing (YUWESE) EC-770 manufactured paint thickness tester, which can switch the ferromagnetic metal (steel and ferrous metals) and non-ferromagnetic metal (aluminum-based metal), and take values.

Note: The test equipment belonging to the civilian version of the test equipment, the test results there Will be a slight deviation. It Is noted!

before the start of the test, I have to make few long-winded. We Will take Chang’an CS75 PLUS exterior styling paint covering the relevant data for the doors, bonnet and trunk lid, we use a multi-point sampling method (collection points: front, back, middle, left, right), while the front and rear fenders and the roof are taken three sampling method (before, during and after). The difference Is that, since the upper half of the tailgate Chang CS75 PLUS Is made of plastic, so we only tailgate lower half of the data collected paint, paint thickness of the final body and all of the cover, as we Will average criteria.

on the quality of the finIsh Chang’an CS75 PLUS, I can only say that the level of the overall coating process like a general. Although the unaided eye, paint exhibited gloss and flatness Is very good, but in measurement precIsion instruments, paint coating covering the body of the respective bit less uniform, and the entire thickness of the paint did not reach GB “QC T484-1999 finIsh quality standards.” I personally think that, even if the paint coating and then some of the better, after all, combine gloss and smoothness of its appearance and color values ​​of the finIsh of view, Chang’an CS75 PLUS Is better than a lot of the same level models.

Materials used vehicle, Changan CS75 PLUS nothing much out of color, still using conventional steel body and a spot welding process. From the characterIstics of the steel body, the steel body with high rigidity, torsional capability, and low maintenance costs inherent advantages, even daily cut rub or collide accident occurs, the damaged parts of the body can also steel sheet metal repair way maintenance, so that the cost of keeping a Car Will be greatly reduced.

Full Summary:

In general, the paint quality Chang’an CS75 PLUS Is very good, reflecting the deep Changan Automobile repairer heritage, superb manufacturing standards and strict to control product quality. But slightly less than that in professional equipment, the overall thickness of the paint Is not very uniform, even if some of the paint again, maybe paint the vIsual effects Will be better.