About car tires you have to know how much of it? 5 minutes after reading a long knowledge

now the Car due to the experience requires technical support and more user-friendly high-tech, are doing their utmost to use a variety of black science and technology. So if you ask for the Car Is the most important part of what some people may say that Is the engine, brakes someone Will say, in my opinion have some truth.

In my opinion the most important should be the tires. I do not want to tire it Is also not afford to fly Come fly. Want to learn the tires, the tires have to be able to read, then today I Will bring a series of tire basics for everyone. Prepared for later purchase when replacing tires, be aware of.

In fact, as long as the regular manufacturers of tires, we can find from the top to the information we need. For example, in the picture above tire, the tire Is represented by 195 wide tire, the greater the value representative of wider tires, so it Will grip better, it’s relatively greater resIstance, fuel consumption Will definitely increase.

55 represents the flatness ratio of the tire or called aspect ratio, it in fact, the side and the height ratio of the tire tread width, the smaller thIs value, i.e. smaller than the flat, cushioning also worse, but when cornering handling Is very good. Conversely, larger than the flat tire, he brought cushioning effect Will be very good, the better comfort, but handling when cornering Will be dropped.

R15 Is represent? R indicates that it Is a radial tire, 15 represents the size of its hub, the hub surely we all know, what size the hub to match what size tires. 85V also expressed its speed and load levels. 85 represents the maximum load that the tire Is 515Kg, V represents the speed of the tire Is the maximum limit 240Km / h, even if the same size of tire, it Is subjected to maximum load and the upper limit speed Is different. Specific reference to the following table.

then there Is such a tire on four numbers, he said that thIs tire production date, in front of me remember everyone said, simply look in here, in front of two digit represents the number of weeks of production, followed by two digits are the year of production.

then the above figure thIs tire he represents the 19 weeks of production for 15 years, that Is, 15 years in April. Since the main material of the rubber tire, even if it Is in the manufacturing process Will be added antioxidant component, but also resIstant to the ravages of time, but still slowly aged. The shelf life of the tire generally about five years, so we have to be aware of thIs.

Usually there Will be a side of the tire 3T index, respectively, the abrasion resIstance index, the index and the heat traction index. Its abrasion resIstance index (TREADWEAR) 320 are, of course, the higher the value, the better the wear resIstance of the tire. The number of miles he could use more of it accordingly.

Traction Index (Traction) refers to adhesion of the tire and the road surface, then the four levels are standard: AA, A, B, C, of ​​course, AA Is the best represented, indicating a short road braking dIstance. Heat index (Temperature) refers to the tire during running of its heat resIstance, it has the same A, B, C three levels, the highest level must be A, its thermal performance Is the best.

symmetrical rings with a tire for vehicle fuel effect, many companies have adopted thIs design. It knows no inside and outside, but generally the time of installation, most marked with the date of manufacture accustomed to that side mounted on the outside. So symmetrical pattern Is a standard pattern that many ordinary tire companies are used. He measured the pattern relatively fine, dense, have very good results mute. Relatively large outer pattern, having mobility.