About car maintenance you do not know what knowledge? If you do not understand wasted money wasted

Now most people would consider buying a Car for three months to maintenance time. Some novice owners to maintain them, because they do not understand their own maintenance, maintenance Will be very much believe that the concept of 4S shop. That often go inside maintenance. In fact, to the 4S shop maintenance, time-consuming, cost of oil money, a waste of effort, there was also staff a sum of money in the pit. In so doing. We are the owners diagram Shane? Spend money on gas by. So on Car maintenance, we had better look at themselves, some may be able to own their own online maintenance hair accessories own maintenance, repair to the rest of the place, so that they specifically give you maintenance items, Will be relatively cheap. So even own their own Car maintenance hard, if consequently do not know, everywhere in society Is a trap.

First of all we need to know when you go to maintenance? How many kilometers run need to replace the necessary parts. Some accessories are themselves replaceable. There Is no need to repair shop inside to replace. We must first consider Is the oil filter, where themselves can see the number of kilometers run, general 5000 can be replaced once. You can have the ability to replace themselves. Trouble free on the go directly to the Car repair place directly replace them. The second Is the air cleaner, the air cleaner to the engine can block dust and dirt out of the way. Air filter so that Is basically all we know, he Is replaced every 20,000 km. ThIs accessory, I feel that they can be replaced, you can buy a replacement under, free himself made a online backup, think it Is almost on their own replacement.

down Is the air filter, thIs Is also a way with the above, but everyone Is familiar with air-conditioning function. Mainly to replace the air in the summer when the heat refrigeration, heating in winter when used. Air filter with the same time a replacement. Several of the above, basically not too important, the back ones are linked with their lives, so we must pay attention to. Spark plugs, spark plug if broken, so you should not even think of the Car stalled after the start, thIs Is not very important. Brakes, timing belts, transmIssion belts of thIs triangle also need regular inspection, according to their replacement. Timing belt 80000 for once, the triangle Is half of the previous replacement. These are all external parts, engine oil Is the key,Oil replaced every few months. It Is also essential. Antifreeze in winter you need to pay attention.

finally have a point, these types of maintenance must not be cheated, tire maintenance, tires are one-time items, it was said to make you Care tires, I think you can play big bang on the ear may go up, thIs simply Is not necessary. Replacement parts, give your reasons are aging machine parts need to be replaced, and that you also need to pay attention, there are more general trap, replacement Is not recommended, particularly serious also himself looking at each other be replaced, save deceived. Clean up the oil, that you drove more than 30,000 kilometers can be replaced, if it does not reach the necessary replaced. Clean up the air conditioning, I think that you still own learning, in fact, a good clean up, does not want to clean up, you can go to the general repair shop to clean up or acquaintances there, 4S shop Is not necessary.