About car maintenance, these points if you do not know, 4S shop pit has been dug wait for you

about Car maintenance, these points if you do not know, the pit has been dug 4S waiting for you.

Now some domestic own-brand Cars have entered the people’s vIsion, depth of people’s hearts. More friendly price also let a lot of people now have their own Car up. So, we have to understand how many Cars it? I Will drive the Car does not mean you know, you want to be more follow-up maintenance Car, the future Automobile repair damaged should know how and where to repair. I believe we all know that Car repair Is natural to the 4S shop, but if we have a little knowledge of Car maintenance classes do not know, then it Is likely to be unscrupulous stores pit.

let small and everyone to chat with thIs Car repair in the end what needs to pay attention to it today!


of the tire. Which parts on the Car are often worn by outsiders – Is the natural tires, tires often friction when we drove the road surface, and even sometimes the ground of sharp things to injury, the use of the Car to a certain length of time when the side of the tire Will have a breakage occurs, thIs time the tires have been beyond repair, only replace the tire, in addition to thIs case touches can be repaired. AdvIse you to change tires in the case of some unscrupulous tire repair maintenance workers Will be in the present, Is to earn a little more.

oil changes. Sometimes we check the oil when the oil Will find obviously darkened, and thIs time we must immediately replace the engine oil. ThIs may be the case of oil has been oxidized, that Is bad, it could be a result of clean dIspersant. Black oil Is normal, as long as the normal period of time can be replaced.

Replace of radiator coolant. It does not contaminate the coolant, there Is no need to replace it in advance, remember do not let people fooled.


of the air filter. Only when the need to replace the filter Is badly clogged, usually let you change the quasi-pit Is in you.