About car insurance first, we should note the following three points!

after you buy a new Car, the heart Is certainly a joy, cautious while driving, fearing the occurrence of a small rub a small cut, while driving Is not very deep dare to step on the gas, first, because a novice, afraid of vehicle control good; second, fear not the engine speed Is too high. We look forward to quickly spend the first insurance, and the first insurance for a Car Is very important, some of the sCars of the engine Is likely to occur before the first insurance, we must pay attention to these points when making the first insurance .

Maintenance date; various manufacturers vary the first predetermined date security, mostly 3 months or 5000 kilometers, whichever occurs first, to which, we try not to drag Paul, because if there are things that do not have time, advance consultation with the 4S, because Genius the Car, no matter where you are buying the Car, you can go any local a 4S shop for maintenance. Even if you only ran 1,000 kilometers, but the time has come to three months, you have to Care as soon as possible.

maintenance projects; we must make an appointment and bring your driving license and Car maintenance manuals before going 4S, doing maintenance when provIsions must act to Carry out maintenance manuals, many 4S Will flicker you add or engine cleaner fuel additives, etc., then you should come up with maintenance manuals to control what, if you can not do not need to Care, basic first insurance project It Is the replacement of oil, filters, some of the direct injection engine Is likely to add fuel additive provIsions. When Car maintenance, we must remember to let technician check the Car chassIs, with or without oil spills, oil leakage phenomenon, there are problems to solve as soon as possible.

change vehicle after the first insurance; after many Cars finIshed first insurance, Will feel increased fuel consumption , underpowered situation, we can rest assured, because the oil at the factory in general Will be better than the performance of the oil when the first insurance, and just add the oil Is still in the run-in period, a long time problem Will be lifted, if you feel the first Paul oil Is not good, you can make up the difference better to replace oil, but be sure to choose their own Car’s oil, do not blindly pursue oil performance.

Most Car manufacturers first insurance Is free, in case of charges, such as replacing air filters, air filter, depending on their condition to decide, do not be fooled 4S, the most important Is the replacement of oil when the old oil must put a clean, staring at himself in the best spot.