Abnormal paint, the front windshield Is substitution, owners spend one million to buy the Cayenne Is actually the car accident?

people are always longing for the good things, while luxury brand models Is one of the best option.

Yes, mostly European luxury brand has a century of hIstory, the extraordinary performance already deeply rooted sense of the value of luxury, many consumers are reported to aspire to luxury brands and look forward to , an attitude of trust. But the luxury brand itself because of higher prices and profits, so some 4S stores, used Car dealers, luxury Car clubs Will light Car accident, Car test drive, flooded Cars were repainted, and even tamper with the mileage, to use as a new Car or prospective new Car sales, in order to earn more interest.

Recent surnamed money netizens Tucao to look at Cars Aki: He bought a new Car Cayenne, treasure condition after testing, money Is actually the collIsion Car or test drive Cars.

abnormal paint, buy a new non Cayenne Car?

It Is reported that it purchased for the 2.9T version of the Cayenne models, the performance of mileage 187km, meet the standards of a new Car. But when the owner Mr. Qian on April 2 detected by the vehicle condition treasure, but the results make it appear accidental – Cayenne Car collIsion Car.

found that in the condition of Po test report: Cayenne present painting Car body surface, and a sheet metal repair putty paste traces. In addition, the entire front cover parts paint, putty and there, also show values ​​detected by the instrument Is too high, by the reflective paint dust particles may also be seen, reflective paint and texture very messy, open the cover after the dIscovery, the cover also has lined flying paint, none of the original paint.

Meanwhile, the vehicle front windshield glass logo with different other body, but also more serious ghosting. The paint on the right front door and fix the screws are late smear marks, and other door screws are very different. All in all, the results can be seen from the identification of the owners bought thIs Car mileage less than 200km of Cayenne, although not really a serious Car accident, but you can reflect on the many changes to the Car collIsion model Is, or Is likely to be brushed mileage test drive the Car.

luxury Car trade and more tricky, vehicle inspection into a magic mirror?

Mr. Qian’s experience Is a microcosm of the drawbacks of 4S shop sales model, not just Porsche, such as Mercedes-Benz, BMW and other luxury brands also often an accident Car, test drive Cars refurbIshed after doing new Car sales event.

In July 2019, there Is one owner to spend 46 yuan to buy E200L up painting Car accident; Coincidentally, 2019, Wuchang found an owner to spend nearly a million 740 yuan to buy a BMW Is also a Car accident. Of course, the most famous event than in 2014, “Bentley a compensable back three cases,” the owner after two years of use, it was found from a Car network of 5.5 million yuan(CNY)(CNY) to buy a luxury Car has two processing records – – paint the door of a defective polIshing and waxing; curtains imported original parts were replaced, although the practice Is not really overhaul the dealer, may also constitute consumer fraud.

have to say that the frequent occurrence of such incidents, also gave birth to the vehicle inspection industry, but because after the format belonging to the nascent Car market, regardless of consumers and Car sales people in the industry, are to hold a questioning attitude; on the other hand due to irregularities and unscientific practitioners exIst, limiting the pace of development of the Automotive industry has also identified certain extent.

may even bear to question and mIstrust, Auto identification industry has been quietly in the dark to protect the interests of consumers, condition Bao Is one of them, so for the Automotive testing industry, we still need a little more trust and tolerance, when such a body similar to the treasure condition gradually increased, Is bound to protect the fairness and healthy development of the market, in order to protect the interests of insurance consumers.