Abandon Benz E300, BMW chose 530, M Sport Package too lethal!

BMW five lines surging since the facelift, the same level models than the Mercedes-Benz E-class reputation, to change the appearance of the interior of the Car Is very large, narrow shape Is more like a BMW seven lines.

two months ago a friend booked a BMW five lines, the election Is 530Li M Sport package type Exclusive. Test drive together with him a lot of Cars, Mercedes-Benz E300 with four-wheel drive version of the Audi A5 Is the most tangled, the Audi A6 Is not considered essential, because the company previously had an old A6 do scooter, Car fuel okay, but seriously burning oil, for domestic A6L Is not much novelty. After

The main reason Is that like the Mercedes-Benz interior work, high quality full LCD instrument panel, material Is also very solid, but experienced the new five, Mercedes-Benz E300 also been abandoned, 530Li M sport package Is too potent, T steering wheel with enough chicken stalls out of the Mercedes.

Audi A5 Sportback 45 TFSI quattro sport Is really good, prices are much cheaper than the BMW 530Li, hundred kilometers in 6 seconds too soon. But after seeing its configuration Is too silent, imported Cars have the optional Super Multi project, in addition to the Quattro four-wheel drive Is standard, the Car reverse image, adaptive cruIse control, seat memory function to be installed, the original really not appealing configuration.

originally had a BMW 530Li M Sport Package lead type, much cheaper than the price of thIs Car, but the configuration does not work, a friend bought that Car going, there are tens of thousands of dollars more than the panoramic camera, electric induction trunk, keyless entry, Harman Kardon stereo and so on, price Is still high. Rich people buy a Car really admirable.

crystal BMW dashboards with full drive mode switch changes color, but the overall seem like a full liquid crystal dIsplay, a mechanical screen sense and a top speed of only 260km / h, the BMW with three-line version of Yao night almost, science and technology with a lot worse than the Mercedes-Benz Audi.

a BMWStraight to manipulate known, thIs T-shaped steering wheel Is really attractive for those who seek pure BMW fans, thIs kind of feeling Is really too potent a.

In addition to the T steering wheel, there Is a BMW Car more interesting configuration – chicken stalls, BMW five lines also addictive big chicken . New Car stalls surrounded by piano baking sheet with skin wrapped, work progress Is very large.

BMW 530Li thIs standard panoramic camera, the Automatic parking bit, panoramic sunroof, keyless entry, electric induction trunk, steering wheel shift paddles, adaptive dIstance light, dimming outside mirrors and the like.

middle piece 10.25 inches dIsplay with GPS navigation positioning with interactive services, the Car comes standard with the phone network interconnection, Harman Kardon sound enough to force.

The new BMW five lines really are reborn, there Is little plastic interior, exterior also comes standard with the M Sport Package Is not only fun but also look better!

BBA has always been each other’s biggest rival luxury brand in the field, but thIs time the new system Is really like five, Mercedes-Benz E would be difficult to cope with the Audi A6L .