A man Benz somehow stalled, open to the repair shop, the maintenance of the master laughed

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With the continuous development of society has now, many family level gradually improved a lot, but you can say that transport Is the Car, but also almost every household has a Car, and some family there are two or even three Cars, we can say now Is that people mainly Car transport, many families travel it Is also inseparable from the Car, but it also happened some time ago something very interesting.


a man of Mercedes-Benz somehow stalled, open to the repair shop, the maintenance of the master laughed

a man drove hIs Car on the road, the Car suddenly stalled somehow on their own, let thIs man Is very strange, However, he drove hIs Car with a few days after such an exception Is always present, so he decided to open hIs own Car repair workshop to repair, at the very beginning he thought hIs Car appeared wrong, so go directly to the Car repair center for processing, but after a repair center that Is open to the emergence of such a surprIsing thing.

in the hood chicken claw

However, when the teacher opened the Car repair the front cover Is opened while the engine cover when there has been such an amazing scene, which Is seen in the Car have a bunch of chicken claw, but let the man after seeing also feel very surprIsed, good day to open hIs own the Mercedes Car, but also not eaten chicken claw, how Will suddenly appear so a lot of chicken claw it in the Car? Let him also feel very strange, then follow the small series with a look at thIs in the end Is how it happened!

in the bonnet chicken claw

It Is clear that in the vehicle after cooking the chicken claw piles are off, it Is in the chicken clawThere are bitten above the scene, but the man also feel very puzzled, Is it someone told him to do mIschief in it? However, maintenance of the master think all of thIs Is likely to be of mouse stem. But also because the man’s Car parked for a long period of time. So the mouse directly to the stolen some chicken claw on the engine thIs very warm place, so over time it brought together so many chicken claw, and when all the men lIstened to repair the master said also feel dumbfounding, even the mouse in front of hIs Car engine as a place to put the food, so that they put some stolen chicken claw on here as their nest every day.

in the hood chicken claw

followed by the master Is the engine repair chicken claw inside were clean, so that makes the man’s Mercedes-Benz returned to normal, in fact, small series Is here to remind you that Is a long time to stop their Car when more attention should be observed to prevent some animals in it as their residence, can not avoid the vehicle normal driving. For such a thing how we treat it?

Inside the hood cleaned

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