A lot of smart people do not buy thIs 5 car, because the poor quality of the Respondent, on the lIst!

quality “worst” of five Car brands, a lot of smart people do not buy, repair shop but like!

seeing to close the year, and more and more people Will choose to buy a Car at thIs time, 4s shops to attract all eyes Will launch a variety of dIscounts or concessions at thIs time activity. We saved a year’s wages on hand relatively well-off, it Is easy to buy a Car on a blind choice. Buying a Car Is very particular thing if you choose not good, then buy back their own Will add a lot of trouble. Today, Xiao Bian give you about five poor quality Cars can not buy do not buy.

First, the signs, it may be many bad owners not convinced, because it’s in the country sales Is good, but to open it you Will find a lIst of complaints, the Peugeot 408 complaints reached 289. It was not just a single month, a month before its complaints are few in exIstence. Such data also shows that its quality Is indeed a great problem.

Second, the breeze, remember that section of hot moment Landwind X7 ? It Is the same as the Thai public and are relying on imitation started, basically the Land Rover Landwind X7 appearance copied over. Although thIs approach it has been greatly improved sales. But it can mimic the appearance of the Land Rover, but it did not catch the essence of Land Rover technology. To do so would have let a lot of people do not agree, coupled with very poor quality itself naturally becomes slag slag our mouths.

Third, the Na Zhi Jie, the Car it claims that he Is a Jointly Car, even though it Is a domestic Car brand from Taiwan. Its reputation can be considered poor to the extreme, not only “gas guzzlers,” said the complaints a month and Is also on the lIst. Quality “worst” of five Car brands, a lot of smart people do not buy, repair shop but like! Although it looks very much like a luxury Car, but it’s Big Three complaints many owners.

Fourth, the Baojun, the rIse of our domestic Cars in recent years we have also seen the heart, including thIs Baojun also gradually developed, it the low end of our domestic market Is still very well-known, but it Is very poor Car was bought many owners complained of, in addition to a little less on the Big Three on quality Is also unsatIsfactory.

Fifth, Chevrolet, its popularity in the last few years has been we opened up the domestic market, probably because the replacement rate Is too slow or Is gradually lagging behind technology, which Is sold in the domestic market Is gradually reduced, in fact, such a result Is enough to explain their quality really has a very big problem. 5 Car for everyone thIs Is how to treat it?