A few simple steps to teach you replace the brake pads, if he did not seek repair shop

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Replace the brake pads need to use the jack, socket wrenches, wrenches, screwdrivers, sandpaper, grease and the like. If you do not, either buy or borrow. Of course, that you own the brakes to prepare better. In addition, some luxury Cars that it Is no way to replace because they tire bolts must be unscrewed with a special tool. Personal recommendations appropriate bought their own brake pads, and then look for a professional repair shop to replace, spend a little money, worry and effort. Big eyes simply talk about the replacement process, for your reference.

How long Will replace the brake pads?

that the brake system Is by friction brakes and brake pads, the kinetic energy into thermal energy Car, so that the speed of the vehicle decreases. There Is friction loss, Is a brake pad wear parts, require periodic replacement. However, there Is no fixed brake pads for once to say how long, because everyone’s driving traffic and driving habits are not the same, these habits Will affect the use of brake pads. Therefore, the only view on a regular basIs.

The thickness of a brake pad look. Inspection can be observed with a small flashlight, when examination revealed black brake friction material made of a sheet not wear faster, thickness of 5 mm or less, should be considered replaced.

two brake sound. If the brake hear harsh metal sound of the whIstle, needs attention, thIs Is the alarm iron plates on the brake pads have worn brake dIscs began, and Why we have such a sharp metallic sound.

In general, in the case of a mixed drive (half roads, urban half), the front wheel brakes should spend 60,000 km, the rear brakes should be We can use more than 100,000 kilometers. Of course, thIs Is not the absolute number, make recommendations to help you master each time to check the next maintenance.

How to replace brake pads?

In fact, whether their own or find a repair shop for change, the process Is the same, removing a tire – Removing Brake Cylinder – change brake pads – brake wheel cylinder mounted on – loadedOn the tire. If you want to save maintenance costs down, then you have to prepare the right tools, jack, socket wrench, wrenches, screwdrivers, sandpaper, grease and so on. These things and brake pads can be purchased through the net. Bigeye said brake pad under a single transducer process Is as follows:

The first step, the tire unloading bolts. Lifting the vehicle front, the fastening bolts loosen all wheels half turn without the need of completely screwed down. ThIs Is because the use of the tire and the frictional force of the ground, the wheel Is easier loosening the bolts.

The second step, the tire unloading trucks. Jacking the vehicle in the raIsed position from the top side of the vehicle, there Will be a generally raIsed position raIsed palm rubber pad, usually located behind the front wheel and the rear wheel vehicle body forward “beam.” The vehicle can be lifted to the wheel slightly off the ground. Then tighten all the wheel bolts and remove the wheel. Note that removing the wheels against the best under the brakes, jack relief to prevent casualties.

The third step, dIsassembling brake wheel cylinder. Household dIsc brake wheel cylinders of the vehicle by two bolts are fastened to the cylinder holder, replacement brake pads, we only remove the two bolts of the brake wheel cylinder. After releasing two bolts, we can remove the brake cylinder. Because the hydraulic line with a soft brake cylinder, which Is resting on the next front axle suspension.

The fourth step, grinding brakes. The edge of the brake pads with sandpaper in contact with the brake dIsc side of the chamfer grind, if not polIshed brake shoe brake abnormal sound Is generated. Because the old brake dIscs, brake pads due to friction, there Is usually a trench, accompanied by the formation of new brake pads Will be too small since the friction surface generation of abnormal noIse. If it Is also replace the brake pads and brake dIscs, the brake pads without grinding, directly installed on the line.

The fifth step, with grease. In the new brake padsTwo little grease coated projection portion, the new brake pads can be avoided with the cylinder holder tap generation of abnormal noIse.

The sixth step, loaded brakes. The brake pads placed on the support cylinder, the noted outer brake pads are not interchangeable. Then, we can put the brake cylinder to cylinder bracket on the Card. Threaded bolt on the brake cylinder, and the tightening torque wrench. In general, brake wheel cylinder bolt fastening torque Is 20-30 Nm.

later process Is simple, mainly loaded on the tire, the rear tire wheel fastening bolts installed remember, the standard wheel bolt 110-140 Nm tightening torque, specific parameters depends on your own Car maintenance manuals.


In general, the brake pads to replace the entire process Is not difficult to understand, if strong hands, you can learn quickly . But if they replace, due to lift the vehicle, be sure to pay attention to safety. Personal recommendations or repair shop to find it, if they bought brake pads, working hours, fees can not spend much money, professional thing to do professional people, Is justified.

we replace the brake pads are do-it-yourself?

Statement: ThIs article Is “big eyes dawn Car” Written, without permIssion, please do not reprint.