80,000 km of car to plant maintenance, after opening the front cover, auto repair apprentice a bit ignorant!

Now remember a small series of small Auto repair master apprentice said it would probably mean Is: Car, too, and you treat it, it Will also take you in return. Similarly, if you do not treat it properly, it Will be a problem Zhibuding day. I think Auto repair master said so, probably Is in order that we should be a awe of the Car, to take good Care of the Car.

the majority owner of the Car are more Care, problems Will be solved in time, do not know where the master Will ask how it Is, thIs Is a very good sign. However, there are still a part owner of the Car Is not so cherIsh, know that the Car has a problem, but not solve, wait until think about a big problem to be solved! Some time ago, a mileage over 80,000 km of Car repair to the factory, after opening the front cover, Auto repair apprentice a bit ignorant! ThIs Is how it happened? In thIs article we take a look!

Objective of the Car to the garage are the two clutches stepping too, needs to be adjusted; second cooling water system Is required into antifreeze. Generally, van clutch stepping excessively high or low, the main cable Is adjusted at the position of FIG red region, the clutch wire Is fixed in the position shown in the orange area. Auto Repair master quickly adjust well! After

aftermarket regulate master clutch, to start the next step, for antifreeze! However, after opening the front cover, aftermarket divIsion apprentice a bit ignorant! Small apprentice for the first time encountered such a situation, the orange area shown in the figure below, the brake oil can actually set with a plastic bag! And plastic bags interface position about to be worn! Red arrows expansion bottle, glass bottle green arrow shown!

of FIG orange arrows, the brake oil can be covered with a plastic bag owner! According to the owner introduced, brake oil lid not know when lost, it Is covered with a plastic bag, already half a year! When asked Why the owners do not change the lid, the owner actually said they do not leak brake fluid on the line! ThIs can really make a small Auto repair apprentice surprIse, brake fluid fear most Is water! Mainly because the water seal Is not good! Are two relays installed red arrows.

Since the owners do not cover the replacement of brake oil, Automotive apprentice that began to put antifreeze! Is shown below the tank cover, we can see that there are tips on top of it: danger, do not open when hot! Because the engine Is hot, it’s still a cooling system pressure, and thIs time the antifreeze temperature Is very high, easily opened danger! Open the cold Car Is no problem, the owner of thIs we need to look at!

In general, the following Car turn on the water tank has a screw! Shown below Is removed to the aftermarket master drainage screw, note that it Is plastic, we must pay attention to tightening, do not overtighten!

Subsequently, the expansion bottle again aftermarket master engine cooling system to clean up a bit! Arrow shown in the figure below, aftermarket apprentice put it inside the water to pour out, we can see that pour out of the water there are a lot of rust, it has become a maroon!

Automobile antifreeze replacement work Is relatively easy, Auto repair apprentice soon for a good antifreeze, and then start the rotation of the engine electronic fan waiting . Just refresh the van cognitive apprentice Automotive Car maintenance, Auto repair small apprentice seen as brakes lid and it really ignorant! For Car owners did not think so Careless!

aftermarket apprentice Is recommended that owners of early replacement lid brake fluid, brake system in case of water, the consequences are more serious! Finally, a small Auto repair apprentice expressed the hope that our riders thIs as a warning, take good Care of the Car, do not wait for problems with Car repair garage again. I wIsh you a pleasant Car riders!