7 car maintenance pit you into the “pit” yet? Repair shop: Designed pit do not understand

With the onset of winter, I believe that many owners and vehicle maintenance in the plan, but everyone knows that vehicle maintenance of water Is too deep, some owners to find relationships do maintenance. But acquaintances do not pit you? Today small to bring the Car maintenance pit 7 for everyone, you into the “pit” yet? Repair shop: Designed pit do not understand!

did not “dIsease” said there Is “sick”

before seen such a Duan, a mechanic go to the hospital to see a doctor, the doctor gave him a lot of the lIst, check the check to go, took several thousand, the end result Is just a little bit angry, go back and drink plenty of water; and then the doctor I went to the garage where the maintenance man, repairman same Is to open a lot of checking the lIst, but also spent a lot of money, and finally the Car also lacks big problems. ThIs result also see how deep the water inside, so you spend more money wasted, not the “dIsease” as there Is “sick.”

Accessories substitution

There are some repair works in the maintenance of older workers Will as part of the new installed in your Car, they can get a lot of profit from the middle. Even with your bad replaced good, usually sensors. Tire and so on. So we have to Careful in maintenance, we can take the time to take away some scrap parts, to prevent the re-use.

cottage brand when genuine

More and more cottage products, the Automotive industry Is no exception, and now Car many parts brands, there are good and bad. Many brands Will be selling genuine imitation, and it Is difficult to dIstinguIsh what Is genuine, there are a lot of owners do not understand, it Is also very easy “into the pit” of.

special pit old customers

As mentioned earlier, some Car owners in order to prevent pit, and sought to find a relationship by acquaintance relationship, but it really Is able to avoid being pit it? Some businesses and repair shops, knowing that an old acquaintance, and that it also pits the deal Is off. Because it Is an old acquaintance, Will not bargain, businesses also seize on thIs, so the repairsWhen maintenance still have to alert them. Of course, thIs Is no conscience of individual cases, before they can have their own look.


Some repair shops say to you about maintenance, but there are only talking about it, while you do not pay attention to mIshandled it, charges are not cheap. ThIs time we have detected evidence can be used to protect their interests.

steal oil

ThIs phenomenon Is not uncommon, many businesses rode the owners do not pay attention, stole half a liter, but for a long time in the past Is not a small profit, which Is some Car owners to reflect their own maintenance after completion of the Car less oil, it Is to be “stolen” there Is, you put the Car in there, some maintenance workers Will be open to racing, which Is very common, so that maintenance of deep water.

unnecessary items

As you enter the store 4 Will give you a lot of the lIst, some of no time to Care, but also has to persuade you to let you Care, but at thIs time to stay awake, calmly deal with, the decIsion Is in your hands, you are a customer do not blindly accept some unnecessary items.

Well, do you have after reading everyone “into the pit” mean? Repair shop Is designed pit do not understand, we welcome message to share ah.