600,000 to buy a Passat, hIs wife said: sooner or later you regret giving up five lines BMW

600 000 Volkswagen Cars thIs fall, meet friends say your “Passat” modified quite like ah. When choosing Cars heart meditation to be low-key, low-key Is the most cattle show off, the result bought thIs expensive public-hui, although the Phaeton’s successor, but one million Cars and there are still gaps, the rear Is 480tsi V6 engine the sign

body long enough, after all, the Phaeton dIscontinued sure to have a suitable replacement vehicle, even if the space Is insufficient and that certainly did not have sales (sales in the fact that indeed nothing), sports Car the hub Is not lost motion M BMW five lines hub

the rear seat space Is very large, it can be said only to Benz Maybach the rear seat, rear console can control the whole device can only Car

texture of leather seats impress, after all, 600,000 Cars, sewing leather-wrapped, it seems that the production of superb in high-end Cars, it seems that in practical leather stitching, true enough quality

formula three liquid crystal instrument panel and steering wheel, the relative central control simple, central control panel Is not a five-dimensional intelligent, think about pity

bought the Car, hIs wife said they did not SatIsfaction, has told me that sooner or later Will regret not buying a BMW five lines, really think about it a bit boring