60,000 km BMW X5, the owner said: prices only sell a BMW 3 Series

BMW X5 Is BMW’s a luxury SUV, the floor needs more than one million new Cars, for me it was not, and a look into the dIstance. BMW’s most notable feature Is the good handling, comfort and appearance domineering, and so on. Recently a boss to call us, need to sell their Car, today we take a look to hIs Car.

The Car Is 13 models of BMW X5 leading version, also the lowest with BMW X5, the guide price of 901,000, more than one million new Cars need floor, currently it traveled more than 60,000 kilometers. The owner said: The Car Is resale to their own, very good condition from hIs cousin, the whole trip in the 4S shop to do maintenance, the whole Car up painting three, are the other original, only sell a BMW three-line price of 36 million. Yao 320LI a night version of the price, five-year age of the vehicle BMW X5 Is indeed the price range of around 360 000, but we have given the price at around 340,000, the owner said it was considering several days.

If you are a buyer, you can choose a five-year 60,000 km BMW X5 or a brand new BMW 3 Series? May have their own idea of ​​it, a quality can be guaranteed, the other obviously does not guarantee high quality of the new Car. Some say it can not compare the two Cars, grades are not the same. If I had to choose, I choose the BMW three lines, but not the 320, I chose 330LI, thIs young man may have been the idea of ​​it, personally feel that the BMW X5 Is not open for me, I prefer to passion, in fact, the Audi S3 Yes. But some people more biased in favor of the BMW X5, mature, and with the 3 Series Is not a grade. That you do?

in the appearance of kidney BMW grille Is one classic design, the two piercing xenon headlights, the following two headlights there Is a small box that Is the headlight cleaning system, then the following Is the two round fog lamps. The hub uses a 18-inch design, looks very old-fashioned, one can understand that thIs Is a low version of the vehicle. At the rear, the bar taillight design Is very scientific and technological sense, the exhaust pipe Is used in bilateral single out of style, like the size of a fIst.

In the interior, concaveTrap-type screen design, looks very layered, BMW classic chicken stalls. The Car uses a large area of ​​the parcel and sewing leather, mahogany has a design style, not many buttons on the center console on the edge of central control and door frames, but the function Is still relatively more. Some people say that such a big Car, open up Will not be very heavy, certainly Will not open up very comfortable, as the eyes are also very open, turning all aspects of super precIsion, a kind of feeling of unity of people and vehicles.

Although thIs Car Is low with, but the configuration Is quite colorful, electronic parking brake, full-time four-wheel drive, tire pressure monitoring, zero tire pressure driving, the front and rear parking sensor, reverse video, panoramic camera, cruIse control, hill assIst, Descent, variable steering ratio, panoramic sunroof, keyless start, electric multifunction steering wheel, trip computer screen, leather electric seat chairs, heated front seats, GPS navigation, Car TV, heated power mirrors and so on.

Car equipped with a 6-cylinder engine 3.0T, the maximum power of 225kw, hundred mph 6.8 seconds, the maximum horsepower 306, thanks to hand from the stopper 8 one gearbox play. Power on call, push back very strong, 8AT gearbox Is very smooth, feel totally feel the shift, there Is no sense of frustration.