5 family car models the most conscientious, fuel-efficient but also durable, buy Is to make!

Although with the development of technology, the Car Is a product of scientific and technological progress, quality of life vehicles as travel necessities. Although more and more people buy a Car, the Car has always been a consumable, a year down the cost Is not a small sum, which the insurance, as well as the usual maintenance, the focus Is on fuel consumption. Although thIs time the rapid decline in oil prices, but oil prices have been climbing so many people unbearable. So choose a more fuel-efficient models, Is very important for many people.

, paragraph 5 of the most conscientious family Car, fuel-efficient but also durable, buy Is to make!


Since Toyota entered the US market, sales of the long-term occupy 3, consumers mouth According to legend, “Toyota does not really bad”, but not the white Car knows. Toyota Corolla Is a very good family Car, law-abiding, in line with most of the people aesthetic. The space vehicle wheelbase 2700mm, fully in line with the needs of the family Car. Corolla has the fuel 1.2T and 1.6L version, as well as more fuel-efficient 1.8L hybrid dual-engine version. Can be up to 185 hp, to meet the power demand at the same time, the province has achieved enviable oily, less than 5 cents per kilometer, could get no wonder consumers.

Buick Excelle

ThIs Is the latest model Buick Excelle, according to the official introduction continues the advantages of the old section of fuel-efficient and durable. Small series of a female friend of mine bought a Excelle old section. Open for two years, really fuel-efficient and durable, power Is also very full. Buick introduced a whole new generation of Ecotec series, equipped with dual injection 1.3L engine, maximum power of 79kW, peak torque of 133N · m, power so good, but comprehensive status hundred kilometers, but as low as 4.6L. The key Is to keep the new Excelle always friendly price, price range between 8-10 million. It Is suitable for urban families start.

Roewe i5

i5 Roewe Roewe introduced a new compact Car, the newRhythm symmetrical façade and interior texture, it touches let in 100,000 level models which stand out as a majestic home i5 Car, remove the space, the configuration other than these, and in the power output and fuel economy Is also enough to make satIsfactory. Which 1.5L + CVT powertrain, consIstent power output without significantly procrastination, the most critical Is the inherent advantages thanks to the CVT transmIssion, the shift in fuel economy and ride on the i5 Is quite an advantage , measured average hundred kilometers was controlled within 7.5L.

Honda Civic

Civic has been lIsted concern, and one of the major platform to ask most models, slowly it becomes everyone talks about God Car, good power, low fuel consumption, high color value, used Car hedging rate. DIsadvantages: fare, poor sound insulation, interior work materials Is poor, abnormal sound much, handling and comfort in general, paint thinner sheet metal, coke serious and maintenance of high prices. Is equipped with 1.5T engine Earth Dreams, power Is very good, the fastest hundred mph takes only 7.09 seconds, with the price spike can be said that all production family Car, and the average fuel consumption 6.8 l / 100 km!

Mass Sunny

Sunny Is a public unit of a compact Car, the models sales ranking third with prices ranging from 100,000 to 160,000. Sunny engaging and coordinating body for American eyes, the rich standard configuration, space travel has certain advantages in its class. Engine and transmIssion technology content Is very advanced, body thick safety. Maintenance cycle time Is longer compared to other models, reached 10,000 km. Sunny but very comfortable start, acceleration and very smooth, a little clear-cut sense at all. Sunny urban roads in the run-in period one hundred kilometers 7L, after a run-in period Is generally one hundred kilometers 6L!

at the moment of thIs society, our Car has become an indIspensable means of transport, when people buy a Car, the first consideration Is the fuel consumption, low fuel consumption to buy a Car , can greatly reduce the cost of the Car later. With the continuous development of reform and innovation to improve engine technology and Automotive market, fuel consumption Is one of the propaganda Car prices which models the important highlights.

In thIs regard, how do you see it?